Pack Line Headlines: Puppy mills; breeding regulations; NASCAR driver promotes animal welfare

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West Virginia state senator wants all breeders to be regulated: Senate Bill 406 in West Virginia would regulate dog breeding in the state, but current language in the bill exempts hunting, tracking, show dog and greyhound breeders.

Thankfully, Sen. Karen Facemyer of Jackson County is pushing to cut these exemptions out of the legislation, so that all dog breeders are covered. There can be no doubt that all breeding needs to be regulated. Exempting some breeders and not equitable on the one hand and simply doesn’t make sense in terms of protecting animals.

The Bad News: West Virginia Public Broadcasting reports Facemyer’s amendment unfortunately was rejected.

NASCAR driver tours North Carolina animal shelter: NASCAR driver Cory Joyce toured the Cleveland County Animal Shelter in Shelby, NC on Thursday.

The Shelby Star reports Joyce is a spokesman for the North Carolina Shelter Project and has a logo for  spot for the Humane Society on the hood of his car.

Lawsuit filed against Chicago-area pet store chain: Happiness is Pets is facing a lawsuit by a half-dozen individuals who purchased sick puppies.

Judge rules puppies found crammed into van can go back to abusers: The two men who were caught transporting puppies in a van, from Iowa to various pet stores around the country, can continue on their way – after a judge ruled on the case.

The pair will have to pay the costs the local shelter incurred in caring for the dogs.

But this case serves as another pieced of evidence that in most states animal-welfare laws are far too weak.