The return of Pack Topics: ND votes down anti-cruelty law; devocalizing is cruel

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LEGISLATION: On election day, voters in North Dakota voted against Proposition 5, a measure that would have classified acts intended “to maliciously and intentionally harm a living dog, cat or horse” as class C felonies.

Opposing Views reports “” 65.4% of voters opted to have North Dakota remain with South Dakota as the only two states in the nation without animal cruelty felonies. “”

Over 65 percent voted against increasing the penalty for cruelty. That is a very troubling result.

DEVOCALIZATING: Opposing Views also reports this week about the practice of devocalizing dogs, where some or all of the dog’s vocal chords are removed.

I know why people do it. But the fact is this is wrong. It’s a cruel thing to do. As Opposing Views points out, the practice has been banned in several areas of the country and in the United Kingdom.