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Editorial notes disappointment in Ohio legislature’s lack of action on puppy mills

The Ohio legislature has certainly faced clear opportunities to enact new legislation to regulate dog breeding and to battle the terrible fungus that is the puppy mill breeder. (And I apologize to fungus.) Of course, Ohio is not alone in dropping this sort of ball, but as an editorial posted Tuesday on the Toledo Blade […]

Ohio puppy mill bill stalls in state House after 30-0 vote in state Senate

Another piece of anti-puppy mill legislation has been amended into a stagnant state – this time in Ohio, where after a 30-0 vote in the state Senate, the Senate Bill 130 ended up treading water until the time ran out on the latest session in the state Senate. According to the Columbus Dispatch, the proposed law […]

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Kitten buried in concrete: A kitten discovered buried alive in concrete and inside a pipe died days after being rescued back in May. Law enforcement officials in Arizona are investing the case. There are some strange allegations flying in the case, according to an article on the Star Tribune website. But the bottom line is […]

Updates: White House puppy mill petition, dogs-have-souls lawsuit and Ohio dog auctions

I’ve got updates and more information on three hot stories on the animal-welfare front. White House suggests new steps against puppy mills: As the North Country Gazette and other sites are reporting, the official White House response to an online petition calling for improved regulations against puppy-mill operators suggests positive steps will be taken in […]

Pack Line Headlines: Dog auctions, dog lawsuit and puppy mill legislation

Update on Ohio signature drive to end dog auctions: I received a release from Mary O’Connor-Shaver of Columbus Top Dogs and Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, with an update on the progress of the petition drive to ban dog auctions in Ohio. The volunteers are very close to producing the 115,570 certified signatures needed to prompt […]

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New awakening for animal welfare?: Will 2012 offer better news on the animal welfare front? Melanie Coy’s blog entry from Tuesday for the Southeast Missourian is hopeful. Coy writes: “There seems to be a new awakening of humanity in this New Year. 2012 promises to hold positive change for all facets of animal welfare.” – […]