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Dog Fighting

Senate candidate isn’t really against cockfighting

Back to blogging this week, as things have been really hectic at my house, with a sick dog and lots of writing deadlines. Carl the rescued greyhound is much better now – thankfully. So I’m playing some catch-up with stories from April that I had filed away for comment. First up is an unbelievable statement […]

Sebelius is out – and it’s a good thing – and your dog agrees with me

I never supported Kathleen Sebelius having a role in any level of government and your dog agrees with me. Now that she has announced her resignation as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, I consider it the correction of a long-running mistake. If you read this blog post to your dogs, that […]

Important new terminology coined for behavioral condition

We all see the news accounts of celebrities and regular Joes engaged in really stupid activities – from drunk driving to substance abuse to other extreme behavior. We all read about the votes cast by politicians and the statements some of them make, based on warped ideas. We all see the completely illogical statements made […]

Breaking News: King Amendment removed from Farm Bill

This is BIG news. The horrible King Amendment has been removed from the Farm Bill. The amendment is named for the single biggest supporter of animal cruelty in the US government – Rep. Steve King. The mission for King and his amendment, was to gut animal cruelty laws across the nation and to prevent states […]

Column about Michael Vick is a dropped pass in the end zone

Writer Brenda Linck used a blog post on Fan IQ to suggest NFL quarterback Michael Vick, convicted on dog-fighting charges, is a role model. Maybe, in a stretch, one could suggest he turned his life around – if and only if we see a change going forward for an extended period of time. But at […]

A little bit better sentence for dog fighting – but still far too short

I was a bit surprised by the number of years in the sentence handed down this week for man found guilty of running a dog-fighting operation in Chester County, Pa. He was given 7-and-a-half to 15 years in state prison. That’s more than abusers typically receive for this terrible crime, but it is still far […]

Thought for the Day: Recovery from Dog Fighting

We often read about dogs rescued from dog-fighting rings and about their rehabilitation from the horrors they faced. So often the stories show how many of the dogs can recover and become loving family members. This is because dogs are inherently good. But the dogs are – after all – are the victims in all […]

Pack News Wire (10.2.13): Dog Fighting

ANOTHER weak sentence for dog fighting In another example of how dysfunctional our criminal justice system can be, an Alabama man who recently pleaded guilty to dog fighting will serve no jail time. He will ONLY serve 100 hours of community service – working around dogs at a shelter. And in a completely clueless move […]

Wacky Mentality for Monday – Puppy Mills and Dog Fighting

A couple of news articles from this month put Wacky Mentality on display – again. Dog fighting and animal cruelty charges were filed last week against a Utah man. Witnesses saw two men holding the leashes of two dogs as they fought. An officer responded and also saw what was happening, as reported by Opposing […]

Trunking is an evil form of an evil practice

Dog fighting is horrendous on its basic levels. But some evil people have found a way to make it more horrible. They throw two dogs into a car trunk to fight – often so that the sound will be muffled and therefore less likely to be heard by nearby residents. If we even needed more […]