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Video shows examples of actions that show self-awareness in dogs

More evidence that dogs have self-awareness. Those rubs feel great and they want more. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Basically, a good video about dog breeds and aggression – with one big problem

The producers of the video below did a pretty good job – on the topic of aggression and dog breeds. Just because a dog happens to be of a particular breed, doesn’t mean he or she will exhibit a particular behavior, aggression or other behaviors. But one major mistake is made in the video. The […]

April Fool Video: Dog Highchair

Is anyone going to try to order this: PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Video: Incredible two-legged boxer puppy runs on beach

This dog is amazing. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Videos show dogs trying to revive friends

I received a link today to a video showing a dog trying to revive his friend, who had been struck and killed on a highway. (I won’t post the video here, as it is too emotional.) I noticed a few other videos on the YouTube page with the same theme and the thoughts that this […]

A pretty good set of theories on why your hyper dog is hyper

This video offers some sound theories on why your dog might be as hyper as he or she is. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Study: Living with dogs is good for you

A recent study suggests living with dogs is good for you. Exposure to the bacteria that dogs bring into your home could be good for your body’s overall defenses. I believe it. In fact, I think being out in the woods from a young age or just being exposed to more stuff like this can […]

Another dog mistakenly shot and killed by police officer

Sadly, another family dog has been shot and killed by a law enforcement officer, this time in Fort Worth, Texas. And once again, it involves an officer responding to the wrong address. I’ll start this off by once again stating I am one who has complete respect for those who put their lives on the […]

Video: Portlandia goes to the dog park

The marketing team from the IFC (The Independent Film Channel) cable network sent a link to the video below to the Pack Mentality inbox this evening. Portlandia airs on IFC and stars Fred Armisen (of Saturday Night Live fame) and Carrie Brownstein. This clip features the couple’s trip to a dog park. The message – […]

New book looks at dogs from humorous angle

Just got a link to information about a new book, titled “I’m Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship.” Author Wade Rouse is donating 10 percent of his royalties to the Humane Society of the US. From the HSUS site – “” Contributors include Rita Mae Brown, W. Bruce Cameron, Jen Lancaster, and 16 other comics and […]