DumbStuff: Dog spinning in Bulgaria

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I am someone who respects diverse cultures and I respect people with different views and religions. But where an activity crosses the line into stupid and cruel, we have to call it what it is – DumbStuff.

This one isn’t as well known, but it doesn’t make it any less idiotic. Some people unbelievably gather every year in a town in Bulgaria to hoist dogs into the air on ropes and spin them around in a horrible act of torture.

The misguided mission is to ward off rabies and is somehow defended as tradition.

One mayor is quoted in the linked article above as suggesting the dogs are not harmed and the people who bring them to the site for the torture actually love them. We’ve heard this before – from puppy mill operators dog racing insiders.

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Basically, a good video about dog breeds and aggression – with one big problem

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The producers of the video below did a pretty good job – on the topic of aggression and dog breeds. Just because a dog happens to be of a particular breed, doesn’t mean he or she will exhibit a particular behavior, aggression or other behaviors.

But one major mistake is made in the video. The reporter states dogs from shelters or rescue groups tend to be more aggressive than those purchased from breeders. BIG ERROR there.

Many of the dogs that end up in shelters or with rescue groups originated from breeders. Some of these dogs are in shelters because families turned them in due to behavioral issues. Why? – Because too many breeders are pulling puppies away from their mothers and litter mates at too young an age and are selling them at 6 to 8 weeks old.

The puppies need more time with mothers, to learn proper social behaviors. So to claim dogs from shelters or rescues might exhibit aggression in a higher percentage, merely because they are from shelters or rescues is inaccurate at best.

Poor breeding practices or acts of cruelty or general mistreatment are the key and unfortunate factors that generally lead to negative behavior in dogs.

And I must add that in my experience, shelter dogs and cats can show gratitude and can offer an adopting family a special kind of love.

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Videos show dogs trying to revive friends

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I received a link today to a video showing a dog trying to revive his friend, who had been struck and killed on a highway. (I won’t post the video here, as it is too emotional.)

I noticed a few other videos on the YouTube page with the same theme and the thoughts that this shows dogs showing compassion for others. I am a true believer. The dogs are shown pawing or nuzzling their friends or licking them, trying to revived them – and sitting close by.

It offers more evidence, above the already irrefutable evidence that dogs (and other animals) do have self-awareness and a state of consciousness.


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Study: Living with dogs is good for you

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A recent study suggests living with dogs is good for you. Exposure to the bacteria that dogs bring into your home could be good for your body’s overall defenses.

I believe it. In fact, I think being out in the woods from a young age or just being exposed to more stuff like this can help your body learn to fight it off.

The LiveScience article posted on Huffington Post has all of the details and links.


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Another dog mistakenly shot and killed by police officer

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Sadly, another family dog has been shot and killed by a law enforcement officer, this time in Fort Worth, Texas. And once again, it involves an officer responding to the wrong address.

I’ll start this off by once again stating I am one who has complete respect for those who put their lives on the line every day – in law enforcement, fire fighting and military careers. But when anyone does something like this, they need to be called out for it.

In this case, CW33.com reports the family was just returning home from a shopping trip when the officer arrived at their home. As their two dogs approached the officer, the couple said they told him that their the dogs don’t bite. They managed to grab one of them, but Lille, a Border collie mix, approached the officer on the porch. Lillie was shot in the back and died a short time later.

If the United States Postal Service can train their employees, to a point where dog bite cases are nearly nonexistent, why are we still hearing about cases with police officers. Mail carriers don’t carry guns and yet they are handing dog encounters with much better outcomes. And mail carriers are going door to door six days a week.

I’m sure a vast majority of law enforcement officers across the country are not of the shoot-the-dog-first mentality. But this is happening to a level now that training for these cases must be implemented – now.