New initiative forms to protect elephants

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It is terrible enough when any animal reaches a point of extinction. But to think majestic animals such as whales, tigers, polar bears, rhinos and elephants are in danger, just really goes to a horrible level. And we know GREED is at the heart of this danger.


Photo – EAL


Thankfully, there are groups working to protect endangered wildlife. I received a press release last night about a new effort:

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A New global initiative on elephant protection & welfare, the Elephant Advocacy League (EAL), is born.
An innovative and unconventional organization experienced in fighting poachers in Africa’s bush and in engaging the public opinion in the tricky world of global communication.  Not afraid to fight elephant exploitation on both fronts.

The heterogeneous team of EAL is made up of a new breed of conservationists, with a strong background in high-level security & investigation, communication, innovation and business. Continue reading