The documentary “An Apology to Elephants” should be seen by everyone

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This HBO documentary should be seen by EVERYONE. What we allow, as a society, to happen to animals can sometimes be beyond belief.

Some of the images in the film are heartwarming, while the images of extreme cruelty are difficult to watch – heartbreaking in fact.

The videos of elephants being trained are harsh. How could anyone believe this is NOT a crime? How could anyone be that cruel and uncaring?

Clearly, we desperately need better animal-cruelty laws and clearly we need to outlaw the use of bullhooks. But we also need to ban the exploitation of animals in circuses and in other shows – including racing.

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Huge News – Thai Prime Minister pledges to end ivory trade

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The World Wildlife Fund reports Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has pledged to work on ending the ivory trade in her country. A petition calling for this move was signed by more than 1.5 million people.

The WWF quotes the Prime Minister as saying –

As a next step we will forward amending the national legislation with the goal of putting an end on ivory trade and to be in line with international norms.

The WWF also called Thailand the “world’s largest unregulated ivory market.” So this decision could really save the lives of many endangered elephants.

We can only hope this happens – very soon. Evil acts of greed like this need to be fought everywhere.


Bob Barker teaming with ADI to stop the exploitation of elephants at fairs

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Bob Barker continues his ongoing efforts in helping animals, and this time it’s elephants. The former Price is Right host is teaming with Animal Defenders International (ADI) to bring attention to the suffering of elephants used at fairs.

The Press Release –

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Bob Barker Spearheads New ADI Campaign to End Elephant Suffering at Fairs

February 28, 2013, LOS ANGELES, CA – Animal Defenders International (ADI) has launched the first nationwide initiative in the United States about the use of elephants giving rides or making appearances at public events.  At the heart of the campaign is a new DVD narrated by Emmy award winning TV host Bob Barker entitled ‘No Fun For Elephants,’ featuring harrowing undercover footage from inside elephant training facilities in California, as well as abuse of an elephant on tour by a Texas-owned company.

Bob Barker introduces the video, “To many, it looks like harmless fun, but elephants pay a heavy price for the few minutes of entertainment they provide when performing in circus shows, giving rides, or making appearances at parades, weddings or other events.  Most of us marvel at the majesty of wild animals and I can understand why people want to see animals like elephants up close.  But isn’t it especially tragic when animals are suffering and being abused simply to entertain us?”

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New initiative forms to protect elephants

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It is terrible enough when any animal reaches a point of extinction. But to think majestic animals such as whales, tigers, polar bears, rhinos and elephants are in danger, just really goes to a horrible level. And we know GREED is at the heart of this danger.


Photo – EAL


Thankfully, there are groups working to protect endangered wildlife. I received a press release last night about a new effort:

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A New global initiative on elephant protection & welfare, the Elephant Advocacy League (EAL), is born.
An innovative and unconventional organization experienced in fighting poachers in Africa’s bush and in engaging the public opinion in the tricky world of global communication.  Not afraid to fight elephant exploitation on both fronts.

The heterogeneous team of EAL is made up of a new breed of conservationists, with a strong background in high-level security & investigation, communication, innovation and business. Continue reading

Greed and evil teaming up in attack on African elephants

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Reports indicate 22 elephants were found dead in the Garamba National Park in the Congo. Poachers took the tusks.

According to a New York Times article, it suspected the Ugandan military may be involved.

And there is this troubling paragraph from the article – “” Conservation groups say poachers are wiping out tens of thousands of elephants a year, more than at any time in the previous two decades, with the underground ivory trade becoming increasingly militarized. “”

And it seems China is largely to blame, with upwards of 70 percent of the ivory trade going to China. How can some people – soaked in greed – do this to the animals? How can they accept the total destruction of a majestic species, for the purchase of some oddly evil item for there home or other personal possessions.

It’s a sick mentality and an evil one. But once again, we find another example of blatant greed. GREED is a horrible blight on our planet and on humane society.

Donald Trump’s sons should be fired from hunting trips

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Pictures are sailing around the Web of Donald Trump’s sons posing with the bodies of dead animals they killed in Africa. The most troubling photo shows one of them with the tail of a dead elephant.

Elephants are in real trouble, as poachers are trying to wipe them off the face of the Earth for their tusks. Trump’s sons are promoting this carnage with smiles of joy in what they’ve done.

An editorial posted Tuesday on the Global Animal website includes a couple of pictures and notes the brothers are defending their actions by saying they gave the meat to local villagers. If that was the mission of the trip – to feed hungry people – then why not offer funding to programs that really help these people. With their wealth, they could feed hundreds of thousands of starving people for a lifetime.

But the reality of their juvenile killing-camping trip was the high of killing large species and posing for photos with the dead bodies or body parts. And killing an elephant is especially heartless.

I write often about puppies needing to stay with their moms and siblings for at least 12 weeks, to learn social and behavior skills. These two brothers clearly needed more education – in the way of compassion for others and an understanding of what animal really are – before being allowed to roam the world freely.

Animal-welfare headlines from around the globe

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Animal welfare in China gaining ground: Famous Chinese celebrities are speaking out about animal welfare issues and ABC News reports one top animal-welfare advocate notes the affect has been to see the “interest in animal rights snowball in China over the last few years.”

Basketball star Yao Ming has been speaking out against bear bile farming and shark fin soup.

Bear bile farm opens its doors to journalists – not: The Guizhentang pharmaceutical company in China claimed it was opening it doors to one of its bear bile farms to journalists on Wednesday. But like the greyhound racing industry, it was all a scam.

Turns out journalists were not allowed to ask questions during the “show.” And foreign reporters were not allowed in – according to a story posted today on

And the troubling news from this evil industry only gets worse, as the this company plans to increase the number of bears its tortures each and every day from 470 to 1,200.

And then there is this from the The West article, via AFP:

“” “”

To extract the bile, bears are often placed in cages so small they cannot move, while tubes are inserted in their gall bladders to extract the bile for extended periods of time, animal rights groups have said.

According to the non-governmental group Animals Asia, official figures state that around 7,000 bears still languish in bile farms across China, but many more could be used in illegal establishments.

“” “”

300 elephants slaughtered for their tusks: In northern Cameroon, poachers have killed 300 elephants in the last month. Estimates put the elephant population at only between 1,000 and 5,000 left in Cameroon.

The people who murder these elephants and the people who create the demand by purchasing the ivory or the products are as evil as anyone on the planet. They all should be housed in the worst basements in the dirtiest prisons on Earth.

New sled dog regulations deemed a fail by welfare folks: In Vancouver, BC, animal-welfare supporters are crying foul over new regulations, developed in the light of the horrible sled-dog massacre last year.

The Vancouver Sun article reports the Sled Dog Code of Practice, developed by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, contains “instructions on how to humanely shoot unwanted dogs.”

From the story – “” The new document contains detailed instructions on how to humanely shoot a dog, including diagrams, illustrations and advice on restraining and calming the animal before shooting it and what to expect when the deed is done. “”

What in the world were these people thinking? The outrage that led to these new regulations spread far and wide because of the inhumane manner in which the dogs were killed. So in response, the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture decides to develop a how-to pamphlet on inhumanely killing dogs.

This would be like the Catholic Church apologizing for the abuse of children by some priest – and in response issuing a how-to booklet on improperly touching kids, for reduced impacts. No, the church wouldn’t do this because it’s stupid and it’s wrong.

The only humane way to euthanize a dog – or any other higher-order animal – is by injection.

But the article also includes this – “” Another working group member, Nancy Clarke, an animal science professor at the University of British Columbia, said a gunshot can be just as humane as other methods of euthanizing dogs — if it’s done correctly. “”

How could an animal science professor say something like this? I’m floored. The statement is amazingly false. To suggest a gunshot is “just as humane” as injection shows a lack of understanding of self-awareness and state of consciousness.

Lifeforce and the Vancouver Humane Society have called for a total ban on sled-dog tours and races. I fully agree. Too many bad things are happening.

Pack Line Headlines: Elephants, dog saves guardian, man stabs dog 11 times, adoption groups slammed

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Editorial slams adoption groups: A editorial that ran Thursday on the website suggests the adoption process through rescue groups can amount to an “inquisition.”

I don’t doubt that some rescue organizations can have detailed adoption application processes that turn some people off. The process varies from group to group. But the fear that homeless dogs and cats might end up back in the wrong hands is the primary reason why applications are part of the system.

A lot of pets find homes through local rescue groups all over the country. It happens every week in thousands (many thousands) of communities across the nation. But I also don’t doubt that on occasion some potentially good homes are blocked out.

So maybe there are some groups that could ease up  a bit. But I fully support the system. So many homeless pets have already lived a rough life. We need to insure as best we can that their next family is a good one.

Endangered elephants face more threats from food poachers in Thailand: This story is just disgusting. In Thailand, some people have taken to eating the meat from the trunks and sex organs of elephants. So because they think something is tasty, they are willing to wipe a majestic species off the face of the Earth.

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IFAW names Leonardo DiCaprio global ambassador

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Leonardo DiCaprio has been named as the global ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Animal Action campaign“Elephants, Never Forget.”

I gotta hand it to DiCaprio, he certainly has taken to heart a number of environmental and animal causes. His first mission in this new role is to raise awareness concerning the ivory trade and its threat to elephant populations.

The ivory trade was banned in 1989, but it has barely slowed down the evil poachers who continue to send elephants closer to extinction. But the poachers exist because clueless and sick individuals continue to buy ivory products.

The Earth Times reports an estimated 1.3 million elephants roamed the Earth in 1979. That number has dropped to around half a million today.

For more information about this and other important campaigns by the IFAW, go to this LINK.