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More evidence to support the FACT that animals do have emotions

The evidence is abundantly clear and all doubts should be wiped clean. Animal do experience emotions. The only folks who are in denial are those with profit and/or greed motives or those supporting those with a profit and/or greed motives. Animal-loving families and individuals across the planet already understand the fact that animal experience emotion. […]

So that’s the problem with those who oppose breeding regulations

Every time I read a comment from someone who states there are no definitions for a puppy mill, I respond with the definition. But of course, those who oppose breeding regulations continue to make this false claim. But it hit me this morning as I read through some alerts on the Pack News Wire. These […]

Dog rescued from puppy mill learns to trust people

The ASPCA video below tells the story of Zack, a little dog the organization rescued from a Michigan puppy mill earlier this year. Zack was very afraid and it took some time and compassionate contact to allow him to understand that not all people are evil. I will be writing very soon about some new […]

Writer doesn’t mince words on topic of animal emotion

The Huffington Post ran an editorial Monday from Ari Solomon, who in no uncertain terms challenges anyone who doesn’t understand that animals have feelings. His language might be a bit dicey for some readers at a couple of points, but he’s making a point – and a strong one. Solomon makes a great point here […]

Gas Chambers: The totally unnecessary evil

It really is long-past time to ban gas chambers as a means to euthanize animals. ALL of the excuses for using gas chambers have been wiped off the table. I’m not sure how any shelter operator at this point can really claim they have to use the gas chamber. So many communities have banned the […]

Unexplainable occurance on Dash’s final day

Something that happened Tuesday morning, on the day we said our final goodbyes to our 13-year-old greyhound Dash, that shook the emotions for my wife and me. We made the final decision early in the day and with great sadness set an appointment for early afternoon. But I had interviews planned for late morning for […]

Video: Rescued cow reunited with calf

I received a link this morning to this very touching video produced by the Gentle Barn. A rescue cow was desperately missing her calf. When the Gentle Barn volunteers realized this, they went back to site of the rescue to get the calf and reunite it with mom. The video imbed link failed to work, […]

Study: Monkeys show regret

A recent study at the Yale School of Medicine, indicates rhesus monkeys experience feelings of disappointment. The monkeys were taught to play a modified version of rock, paper, scissors and show regret when they lost a round and did not receive the rewards offer when they won a round the game. From a report on […]

Guest blog post on Scientific American questions the reality of emotions in animals

I found  a guest blog post on the Scientific American website that seems to question the existence of animals experience emotion. Kristina Bjoran on the one hand seems to want to believe that animals have feelings, but near the beginning of her post, she makes the following declaration: “” The problem is, we can’t say […]

Study: Hens react with emotion when chicks are in discomfort

I found a very interesting article in LiveScience.com, reporting on a study conducted on hens at England’s University of Bristol. It seems the mother hens reacted in a rather extreme way if they felt their chicks were in distress. It is believed the hens are showing empathy. The hens were separated from the chicks during […]