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AKC fighting against ban on gas chambers

The American Kennel Club is stepping way over the line. I don’t even know where the organization is going. It seems to be opposing ANY animal-welfare bill. I would not be surprised at this point to read where it was speaking out against bans on dog fighting. I say all this after reading – on […]

Pack Topics: Homeless pure-bred dogs; and teaching kids compassion

The Go San Angelo website featured a great editorial last week by Jenie Wilson, under the headline – “Teach children pets are living beings not to be cruelly discarded.” Wilson is the executive director of Concho Valley PAWS group. Wilson encourages animal lovers to get involved with local rescue groups, promote spay/neuter and adds, “The […]

Animal-welfare headlines from around the globe

Animal welfare in China gaining ground: Famous Chinese celebrities are speaking out about animal welfare issues and ABC News reports one top animal-welfare advocate notes the affect has been to see the “interest in animal rights snowball in China over the last few years.” Basketball star Yao Ming has been speaking out against bear bile […]

Pethealth’s PetPoint Report shows slight improvement in shelter intake and euthanasia rates

Pethealth, Inc has released its PetPoint report, with analysis on the data for the rate of shelter intakes and euthanasia for dogs and cats. The data comes from approximately 1,770 animal-welfare organizations in the United States and Canada that use PetPoint to manage their day-to-day operations. The following numbers are based on comparisons with 2010 […]

AP-Petside Poll: 70 percent want limits on shelter euthanasia

An AP-Petside reveals 7 out of 10 respondents would limit shelters from euthanizing healthy homeless pets and would allow this practice only in cases where the animals are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be adopted. I do have concerns for the dogs and cats turned away when the shelters reach capacity. […]

Utah cat survives twice in gas chamber of horrors

After a cat survived two attempts to kill her in a West Valley City gas chamber in Utah, a push is underway to ban the chamber of horrors there. The Salt Lake Tribune reports after a second attempt in the gas chamber, the cat was checked for vital signs and stuffed into bag and then […]

Breaking News: Pennsylvania a step closer to banning euthanasia of animals in gas chambers

It is terrific when good news crosses the Pack Mentality News Wire. I just received word that Daniel’s Law is closer to becoming a law in Pennsylvania. The press release reports – “The law makes it a crime for animals to be euthanized in a carbon dioxide gas chamber.” From another source, Amy Rossi (via […]

Dog euthanized in Raleigh, NC shelter hours after TV appearance

A shelter dog in the Wake County (NC) shelter was euthanized just hours after she appeared on TV to promote her adoption. Sassy, an 8-month-old labrador/hound mix was on WRAL TV’s noon news show Tuesday, as a shelter staff member reported her ready to go to a new home. The shelter even posted her on […]

Utah cat survives two rounds in gas chamber

A cat in a Salt Lake City, Utah shelter survived two attempts to kill it in the facility’s gas chamber. The obvious bad news is the fact that this method is used anywhere in 2011. The good news is the cat is recovering has been turned over to a local rescue organization. But I also […]

Shelter Exchange offering no-cost software to animal shelters

The Shelter Exchange is offering at no-cost to rescue groups, shelters and animal welfare organizations what is being billed as a “collaborative software application.” The mission is to reduce the euthanasia rate for shelters, through improved strategies and promoting better cooperation between local shelters and area rescue groups. The Shelter Exchange – out of Raleigh, NC […]