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Can’t we pull back the curtain on the real anti-animal welfare agenda?

Here we go again – to a ramped-up degree. Those who want to protect puppy mill operations and factory farming are out to pass a Constitutional amendment in Missouri to shut down new measures to protect animals from abuse and neglect. But the folks backing the amendment are couching it as a movement to defending […]

Unfounded claim of the day: Farm cruelty is rare

I just read an editorial on the StarPhoenix website, under the headline: “Animal welfare poses economic consequences.” The focus is on recent news out of Canada concerning cruelty on factory farms and the animal-welfare movement to improve conditions for the animals. While the piece is somewhat balanced at times, the writer tosses out this unfounded […]

I found another editorial featuring wacky mentality, on the topic of animal welfare

This one is off-the-charts wacky – out of Australia. An editorial posted on the 9News website explains a so-called industry think tank claims fighting for measures to protect animals from cruelty is making life worse for animals. The Australian Farm Institute, obviously a pro-factory farming group, spins the heck out of this one and so […]

Confusing story out of Arizona, concerning proposed animal-cruelty laws

I’m not quite sure what to make of an article posted March 11 on the Arizona Daily Sun website – under the headline: “Lawmakers create cruelty exceptions for farm animals.” The story starts out as reporting the state legislature had created special exceptions in regard to acts of animal cruelty, for farmers and ranchers. (Translated […]

King Amendment to Farm Bill is another attempt by King to protect abusers

Iowa Congressman Steve King is well known for his efforts to protect those who abuse animals. He could very well be the No. 1 anti-animal and pro-cruelty elected representative in the nation. Of late, King has been ramping up his efforts to protect animal abusers. His latest move is the King Amendment. If this horrible […]

We have a nominee for the Most Wildly Untrue Statement of the Year

I run across so many of these, so I’m sure I would loose track over time, but let’s call statements like the following, the nominees for the Most Wildly Untrue Statements of the Year. The National Post out of Canada reports Rick Bergman, the vice chair of the Canadian Pork Council, believes “using gestation crates […]

Factory farming industry wants to hide acts of cruelty and block any protections for the animals

Ag-gag laws: The trend is spreading – in an attempt to cover up the cruel practices within the factory-farming industry. I found one editorial on the Global Grind website from a writer who seems to incorrectly believe these laws will protect animals. Thankfully, a number of comments below the piece might educate her. These “ag-gag” […]

Ag-gag laws called ‘sinister’

I like wording. Editors of the Journal of Animal Ethics are using the phrase ‘sinister’ to describe Ag-gag laws. These new laws that have cropped up in at least a couple of states criminalize undercover video and audio recordings of abuse on factory farms. The actual goal of the laws are not to really to […]

Pack Topics: Factory farming; dog fighting legislation; light sentencing

Dog Fighting Bill: The ASPCA is cheering the latest federal legislative efforts to strengthen animal fighting laws. Should the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act become the law of the land, attending an organized animal fight would be a federal offense, as would be the act of bringing a minor to an animal fight. Let’s all […]

Not sure what to make of this new effort …

Several news stories crossed the Pack News Wire this morning, concerning the development of a new group hoping to be a resource for information on the topic of the welfare of farm animals in Iowa. The Sioux City Journal reports several groups are teaming as the Iowa Farm Animal Care Coalition – “Iowa State University […]