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Farm Sanctuary: Chickens are smarter than a 4-year-old human

Bruce Friedrich of the Farm Sanctuary wrote an editorial concerning the intelligence level of chickens, published August 16 on the New York Daily News website. Friedrich notes the Farm Sanctuary has been caring for rescued chickens and other animals for 25 years. They have “come to understand them as individuals with interests, desires, and personalities.” […]

Quick – Surprise your loved one with a Farm Animal Adoption for Valentine’s Day

I’m a bit late posting this, but here goes. The Farm Sanctuary, billed as America’s largest farm animal rescue and protection organization, is hoping animal lovers will choose to Adopt A Farm Animal for a Valentine’s Day present this year, as opposed to the traditional flowers and candy. You can sponsor a rescued cow, pig, […]

Farm Sanctuary: Rescued pig named “The Doctor” cares for the other residents

John Corbett, the star of “Sex and the City” and “Northern Exposure,” narrates a Farm Sanctuary video about “The Doctor” – pig at a Farm Sanctuary shelter who helps care for the other pigs. From the press release: “” “” LOS ANGELES – January 7, 2013 – “We should all learn to live life like a […]

Farm Sanctuary video: What Came Before

The Farm Sanctuary has asked that I post the following information on the blog. Be forewarned, the video is very difficult to watch, as it shows graphically what animals on factory farms suffer through every day. While it’s hard for us to watch, the horrors experienced by the animals are infinitely more difficult. From the […]

Actress Shannon Elizabeth is 2012 spokesperson for the Adopt A Turkey Project

The Farm Sanctuary has announced actress Shannon Elizabeth is the 2012 spokesperson for its Adopt A Turkey Project. From the press release: “” “” As 2012 spokesperson of the Adopt A Turkey Project, “American Pie” star urges dog and cat lovers to extend their compassion to turkeys this Thanksgiving LOS ANGELES – October 18, 2012 […]

Farm Sanctuary tells Symphony’s Story

Farm Sanctuary has launched a new video series – Animal Takes. In the first video, actress Allison Janney narrates the story of Symphony, a hen rescued from a factory farm after a tornado destroyed the facility. From the Farm Sanctuary press release: “” “” Prepare for Symphony, Sonny, and The Doctor to give Benji, Lassie, […]

Alicia Silverstone promotes Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Communities Campaign

Actress Alicia Silverstone is the spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Communities Campaign. From the press release: “” “” “When people think about helping animals, they generally think about dogs and cats, but chickens, pigs, and other farm animals need our help even more. And science shows that farm animals are just as intelligent and interesting […]

Peter Dinklage is Farm Sanctuary’s 2012 National Walk for Farm Animals spokesperson

Peter Dinklage, the star of the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” is serving as Farm Sanctuary’s 2012 National Walk for Farm Animals spokesperson. Walks will take place in more than 35 North American cities this fall. “I love animals and the way they are treated on factory farms is not OK with me,” Dinklage said […]

Martha Stewart featured in video speaking out for farm animals

Martha Stewart has joined the Farm Sanctuary in speaking out for farm animals. The life farm animals lead on factory farms across the country is nothing short of horrible. Warning: Some of the images depicted in this video might not be suitable for all viewers. It shows the extremely harsh conditions and the extremely harsh […]

Big news for Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project

Two Boston businessmen are offering a donation-matching program to assist in the Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project. The press release – “” “” BOSTON, M.A. – October 31, 2011 – This Thanksgiving, two Boston businessmen are putting their money where their mouths aren’t. Not only will John Talbot, founder of Boston Baked Bonz, a company that […]