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Fur Trade

Miss South Carolina and Miss SC Teen receive fur coats as gifts

One of the steps forward we’ve made as a society of late is the consensus we’ve come to that wearing fur is unacceptable. With all of the wearable products on the market that are equal to and even better than fur, we all know that it is only cruel to wear fur. Apparently, the folks […]

Sears completely drops fur from its lineup

More stores need to do what Sears just did. The retailer has completely dropped products made from real fur from its product line. The company had previously dropped fur from its stores and on Sears.com, but this latest news means the specific section known as Marketplace at Sears.com will be fur-free. I received the news […]

Woody Harrelson urges everyone to Make Compassion Your Fashion

In this HSUS video, actor Woody Harrelson makes the case for not wearing fur. This is one area where no one – NO ONE – could make any responsible or any reasonable case at all for a product. Fake fur is just as warm as the products produced through torturing animals to death. And the […]

HSUS responds to misguided pro-fur industry editorial

PJ Smith, the corporate outreach manager for the Humane Society of the US, responded Monday on the Huffington Post website to a silly, misguided editorial titled, “The Reason I Wear Fur.” A writer named Christina Anderson, who wrote the pro-fur industry piece, could have saved herself the finger stress on her keyboard by simply writing […]

Noon News Pack: Topics – fur trade, lab fined, cruelty prevention, dog racing

ONE – China’s policies are taking a cruel turn – again – with the news that the country has re-opened trade in big cat skins, such as tigers. What a horrible step back. Supposedly, the skins will come from so-called “legal sources,” such as captive-bred cats and tiger farms. Is this supposed to be better? […]