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Gas Chambers

Legislation to ban shelter gas chambers and a proposed ban on in-store pet sales

Two important bills are in the works in Michigan and Virginia and we can only hope the movement spreads. In Michigan, the legislation could shut down gas chambers at animals shelters. It is a cruel practice that does not take into account the emotional and physical pain the animals suffer. While it is a tragedy […]

Time to ban shelter gas chambers nationwide

Gas chambers are true chambers of horror for shelter animals. The group Take Action is working to end the horrible practice. It has produced the map below to show where gas chambers are in use or have been banned or are at least are not being used at this time. They have a Causes page […]

AKC fighting against ban on gas chambers

The American Kennel Club is stepping way over the line. I don’t even know where the organization is going. It seems to be opposing ANY animal-welfare bill. I would not be surprised at this point to read where it was speaking out against bans on dog fighting. I say all this after reading – on […]

Pack Topics: Gas chambers; hunting wolves with dogs; puppy millers want to keep dogs

The Pack Topics series continues today with a focus on the odd mentality of those from the other side. Gas Chambers: Despite reports that dogs were surviving a gas chamber in Fairfield County, Ohio, three county commissioners there want more time to consider a ban on the horrible practice. And they requested more time to […]

Delaware and Massachusetts strengthen animal welfare laws

The weekend went pretty well for domestic animals in Massachusetts and Delaware, as the states’ governors signed into law new protections for pets. In Massachusetts on Thursday, Governor Deval Patrick signed “An Act Further Regulating Animal Control” into law. The legislation sets up a fund for homeless animals, institutes new rules that allow pets to […]

Pack Line Headlines: Animal welfare, animal cruelty, special award, dog auctions

New awakening for animal welfare?: Will 2012 offer better news on the animal welfare front? Melanie Coy’s blog entry from Tuesday for the Southeast Missourian is hopeful. Coy writes: “There seems to be a new awakening of humanity in this New Year. 2012 promises to hold positive change for all facets of animal welfare.” – […]

Utah cat survives twice in gas chamber of horrors

After a cat survived two attempts to kill her in a West Valley City gas chamber in Utah, a push is underway to ban the chamber of horrors there. The Salt Lake Tribune reports after a second attempt in the gas chamber, the cat was checked for vital signs and stuffed into bag and then […]

Breaking News: Pennsylvania a step closer to banning euthanasia of animals in gas chambers

It is terrific when good news crosses the Pack Mentality News Wire. I just received word that Daniel’s Law is closer to becoming a law in Pennsylvania. The press release reports – “The law makes it a crime for animals to be euthanized in a carbon dioxide gas chamber.” From another source, Amy Rossi (via […]

Utah cat survives two rounds in gas chamber

A cat in a Salt Lake City, Utah shelter survived two attempts to kill it in the facility’s gas chamber. The obvious bad news is the fact that this method is used anywhere in 2011. The good news is the cat is recovering has been turned over to a local rescue organization. But I also […]

Gas Chambers: The totally unnecessary evil

It really is long-past time to ban gas chambers as a means to euthanize animals. ALL of the excuses for using gas chambers have been wiped off the table. I’m not sure how any shelter operator at this point can really claim they have to use the gas chamber. So many communities have banned the […]