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Editorial in support of greyhound racing goes off the rails

A recent, fantastic blog post by fellow greyhound supporter Ironicus Maximus, exposed the off-the-chart comments by a supporter of greyhound racing. The editorial referenced by Ironicus appeared Thursday on the all-propaganda, all-the-time website – Grey2K Lies. It was written by Amy Cochran, who claims to have been anti-racing before learning more about dog racing and […]

Legislation Update: Greyhound racing, puppy mills and animal cruelty

There has been some positive movement around the map of late, on greyhound racing to animal-cruelty laws. South Dakota finally joined the ranks of the states with felony animal cruelty laws, becoming the 50th state to enact more serious punishment for severe acts of cruelty to animals. Thanks to the recent passage of SB 46, […]

Greyhound Racing: Quote of the Month and Mislabeled “Article” of the Year

I’m calling it the quote of the Month, but on second thought it could be a clear nominee for quote of the year. The utterance came from Matt Gaetz and was part of a NWF Daily News article. Gaetz was referring to the state mandate in Florida that requires casinos to hold a set number […]

The clinching evidence for a complete ban on greyhound racing

We already knew dogs are dying at an alarming rate in greyhound racing and we already knew that too many of the dogs never make it out alive, despite the propaganda-like adoption percentages coming out of the industry. But now we have the inside numbers, straight off the Florida dog tracks – the state with […]

A prediction we hope comes true – the closing of six greyhound tracks

A new report indicates six greyhound race tracks could shut down if the coupling effort is successful in Florida. The state legislature has been debating for some time the possibility of dropping the requirement that casinos there hold a set number of races each year. Decoupling would end this requirement, which has been an ongoing […]

Scab ripped off of West Virginia greyhound racing

For a long, long time, any logical or moral defense of greyhound racing has been non-existent. And as more news comes pouring out of the industry – in the United States and overseas – the evidence that should lead to a complete shutdown of dog racing is abundantly clear. The situation in West Virginia only […]

Thankfully, fewer and fewer people are betting on greyhound racing

As the facts reach the masses on greyhound racing, fewer dollars are being waged on races. It’s a great trend that should continue. Hopefully, this will lead casino and track owners to push for the industry’s complete shut-down. Too many greyhounds have suffered for far too long. While the debate continues, more dogs are bred […]

Suffering and death on greyhound tracks in Florida and Texas

More reports of injuries and deaths are coming out of greyhound race tracks in Florida and Texas. I’m sure we’ll hear the tired excuse from insiders, claiming the percentages are not so bad. So we’re expected to ignore suffering and death because a lot of races are held and the math doesn’t seem so bad […]

More troubling news out of greyhound racing and sled dog racing

It’s never a good day for dogs suffering in greyhound racing and sled dog racing. But at least the public and the media are now focusing on their struggles. The story of a dog that died in the 2013 IdiocyRod Sled Dog Race (Iditarod) is extremely troubling. Dorado was killed after being buried in drifting […]

Much in the way of greyhound racing in the news this month

In his Saving Greys blog on the GREY2K USA website, Carey Theil reports four states are considering bills related to greyhound racing this year. In New Hampshire, where live racing is out, a bill would allow simulcast gambling only from states where injuries are reported to the public. A bill in Arizona could completely decouple […]