Suffering and death on greyhound tracks in Florida and Texas

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More reports of injuries and deaths are coming out of greyhound race tracks in Florida and Texas. I’m sure we’ll hear the tired excuse from insiders, claiming the percentages are not so bad.

So we’re expected to ignore suffering and death because a lot of races are held and the math doesn’t seem so bad to those who look the away – where suffering occurs. People who care tend to show concern for the dogs; not so much on percentages.

The suffering is real, as we see from the following video footage from Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas:
(Warning: The images are graphic and are not intended for all viewers.)

The Herald-Tribune out of Florida reports on a conflict between the Sarasota Kennel Club and GREY2K USA. It seems officials at the racetrack told GREY2K they were going turn over injury records. But now the SKC is withholding the information, because they claim a GREY2K representative was rude on the phone.

The dogs at greyhound racetracks would trade in their suffering, along with the constant risk of death or severe injuries for just “rude” behavior.

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More troubling news out of greyhound racing and sled dog racing

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It’s never a good day for dogs suffering in greyhound racing and sled dog racing. But at least the public and the media are now focusing on their struggles.

The story of a dog that died in the 2013 IdiocyRod Sled Dog Race (Iditarod) is extremely troubling. Dorado was killed after being buried in drifting snow at a race drop-off point. He was taken off the sled team after reportedly moving “stiffly.”

He was dropped on Monday, March 11 and was not found until Friday. The article on the Harold-Standard website reports the claim that Dorado and other dogs at the drop off point were checked on at 3 a.m. that Friday and he was found dead as many as five hours later.

The question is – Why are the dogs left unattended at a drop off point on the race course for so many days? It seems some insiders are calling for changes. The article notes the requests include –

…. boosting the number of helpers at checkpoints to check on dogs more often, providing adequate shelter and increasing the number of flights to get the dogs out more quickly.

It’s 2013 and after decades of holding this race, they haven’t figured this out yet? They haven’t been checking on the dogs often enough and have not provided adequate shelter and delay going back to get the dogs.

The article includes the claim that the weather delayed the race officials from getting back to 135 dogs that had been dropped off at this site. Dorado and some of the others were left outside in this same bad weather.

Iditarod supporters – like dog racing supporters – are forever claiming the dogs have extremely good care. The facts don’t support these claims at all.

The ASPCA and GREY2K USA have teamed to bring to light the horrors of greyhound racing in Texas. A startling 1,507 greyhounds were injured at Texas racetracks between January 2008 and December 2011 – and 56 dogs died from those injuries.

From living in stacked cages to the injuries and deaths to being fed 4-D meat, the report is enough to make everyone understand that a ban on dog racing should be in place today.

The Galveston County Daily News ran a story about the dark side of dog racing, but a subscription is required to read it.


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Much in the way of greyhound racing in the news this month

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In his Saving Greys blog on the GREY2K USA website, Carey Theil reports four states are considering bills related to greyhound racing this year.

In New Hampshire, where live racing is out, a bill would allow simulcast gambling only from states where injuries are reported to the public. A bill in Arizona could completely decouple live racing from other forms of gambling. This would allow for the dropping of dog racing. In Texas and Arkansas, bills could increase penalties for violations in dog racing.

An article and an editorial ran this week on the Charleston Daily Mail website. In the article, greyhound  breeders in West Virginia are crying over what they claim is a reduction in the number races being held at the Wheeling track. The Racing Commission ruled Tuesday that the track must hold 109 races each week.

The attorney for the kennel owners association says the facility is just trying to get out of the business of racing dogs. Do these people even hear what is coming out of there own mouths? This would be like a product manufacturer trying to stop a store owner from failing to buy its product – or that manufacturer trying to prevent the store owner from being able to close their own store. So the state’s breeders are trying to force the casino to lose money on racing, so that they can keep breeding racing dogs.

This is crazy. The state is going to allow one industry to force another to operate – even if its loosing money with that operation? I have never heard about this happening with any other industries.

The editorial on the Daily Mail site rightfully suggests the state completely drop the mandate for racing. The piece rightfully notes – “” The greyhound racing business is on its last legs. “”

In New Zealand, an inquiry is underway to investigate the rightfully named “blood sport.”


Pack News Wire: Greyhound racing

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Two cases of greyhounds dying at dog-racing facilities have animal-welfare advocates rightfully up in arms.

Karyn Zoldan, who always does such a great job in helping animals through her Tucson Tails blog, went after the news of a greyhound’s death in December at Tucson Greyhound Park in Arizona. Of course, the folks there are being very closed-mouth about the tragedy.

Zoldan has attempted to gather information from Bill Walsh the director of the Arizona Department of racing. But he seems to have his broom and rug out, as we might expect. It’s time for the Tucson track to go away. Bulldoze it down and plant some trees.

Carey Theil reported Jan. 31 on his Saving Greys blog about the death of another racing greyhound in Iowa. A trainer there was suspended and fined (a slight slap on the wrist) for neglecting a dog under her care. And Theil reports the trainer admitted during the investigation that she had failed to report the death of another dog.

There is better news out of Iowa, where officials at the Council Bluffs track want to drop greyhound racing. The World-Herald News Service reports the 15 races per day there plays to empty seats. But the Iowa legislature will have to grow a backbone and drop the state’s mandate on dog racing.

Yes, if you have not heard about this, states like Florida and Iowa actually mandate that cruelty exists within their boarders. And even if the tracks want to drop dog racing (cruelty), some politicians won’t let the cruelty end.

In Florida, which contains the most tracks of horror by far, GREY2K USA is once again asking for the mandate to be lifted there.


Pack News Wire: Puppy mills and greyhound racing

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Sometimes, it is the headline over news stories that really jumps out at us. At times, the headlines carry a ridiculous, albeit accurate review of the article or column – or maybe not. Two examples:

“Limit of dog racing called devastating”: This one ran on the New Hampshire Union Leader website.

Grey2K USA led the effort to officially ban greyhound racing in the state in 2010. Unfortunately, gamblers can still wager on the simulcasting of races from other states, where elected officials still don’t have an understanding of the terms ‘animal welfare’ and ‘compassion.’

The effort is underway to limit or ban gambling on the simulcasted races. But at least one casino is claiming it will put the facility out of business. Are that many people really still that clueless about dog racing? And couldn’t they just gamble on cards and dice and football and slot machines?

– And –

“Puppy mill debate – Bark worse than bite?”: The article ran on The Acorn website out of Agoura Hills, Calif.

The text below the headline tries a bit to tamp down the debate on selling puppies out of stores, but it does not offer evidence that should lead anyone to buying a puppy in any store. It’s just not a good idea at all. Truly responsible breeders require customers to go through an application and interview process and offer responsible guarantees.

Responsible breeders do not want impulse buying, as people might buy a TV or DVD player. And when a read about or hear a store owner claim they only sell puppies from great breeders, I want to know how we’re suppose to know that.

The puppy mill debate is real. It is not a case of the bark being worse than the bite.


Betting on greyhound racing in decline for 19th consecutive year

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More good news this week. GREY2K USA is reporting that the gambling numbers on greyhound racing have declined for the 19th straight year.

It’s a sign that there is a dwindling number of people who haven’t awakened to the reality of the cruelty of the animal-gambling industry over – including dog racing.

On his Saving Greys blog, GREY2K co-founder Carey Theil notes the last year there as an actual increase in gambling was 1991. As the awareness about dog racing increases, we are seeing a decline in the industry. It just can’t come fast enough.

The biggest trailing factors, as things stand now, are the state governments and the federal government. Too many of our elected officials continue to protect the animal-cruelty industry across the board.


Video exposes the deplorable conditions greyhound breeding dogs endure for racing

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The GREY 2KUSA video below exposes what the organizations terms rightfully as the “Secret Life of Greyhound Puppies.” But of course, this includes the horrible life the parent dogs endure in racing.

GREY2K reports the video was pulled off YouTube for a time, after a breeder filed what it deemed to be a false copyright claim. YouTube restored the video after GREY2K responded to the claim.

Let’s call this what it is – a puppy mill.

Clearly, the racing industry does not want images such as this shown to the outside world. Some insiders constantly claim dogs in the racing industry live better lives than pets living with families in loving homes. People with working brain cells – a good majority of us – can easily recognize moon-is-made-of-cheese propaganda.

GREY2K has offered up yet another piece of evidence, on top of the mound of evidence, that should lead the handful of remaining states to ban dog racing forever.

Greyhound racing industry again tries to justify deaths with displaced math

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I am continually amazed by the greyhound racing industry’s excuses for abusing and killing dogs. GREY 2K USA has reported 24 greyhounds died and 175 were injured between January 2011 and July 2012 at Iowa’s two tracks – Council Bluffs and Dubuque Iowa.

The industry’s justification for the horrible numbers? – They conduct a lot of races. I hope the toy industry never decides to use that excuse if a toy is found to – say – pose a dangerous choking or other safety hazard. The racing industry actually believes it’s okay to kill at least 24 greyhounds every year and severely injure many more so that people can gamble on dogs running around an oval track. There are countless other means to bet money – on everything from cards and dice to sports to elections to anything else we can think of.

Leave animals out of it.

A Des Moines Register article published Saturday paints a dark picture of the Iowa state legislature: “” But lawmakers have rejected proposals the past three years to allow casinos to pay millions of dollars annually to the state treasury for the right to shut down their dog tracks. “”

The casinos want to drop racing and pay the state millions annually to drop the state mandate that forces them to hold races. But somehow, over the past three years, the state legislature has refused to take this offer. There are just enough elected officials in the state who want to see the torture of animals continue. And for them, even millions going to help balance the budget is not enough to stop their support for animal torture.

If you’re going to gamble in their state, these people want to make sure it’s on an industry where dogs suffer.

And once again, someone noted in the Des Moines Register piece tries to compare the rate of dog-racing injuries to sports, in this case the rate of high school sports injuries. What’s the phrase I’m looking for? … It’s right there … Oh yeah – Stupid. High school sports are voluntary.

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Greyhound racing thankfully in decline: Carey Theil of Grey2K USA posted on his blog Tuesday on some important current trends in greyhound racing. The statistics come from the National Greyhound Association.

For example, the number of greyhounds registered to race is down 14 percent, compared to last year. And the amount wagered in July 2012 on races at Florida dog tracks was down by $1.6 million, compared to the same month last year.

Let’s hope the pace of decline picks up drastically for the rest of this year and next year.

Three actors planning new anti-poaching film: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire and Tom Hardy are teaming up to produce a film about wildlife poaching and animal trafficking

Hopefully, we will continue to see more news about this project.

Three Congressmen fighting to ban undercover video on factory farms: Three US Congressmen are billing recent undercover videos that have exposed cruelty on factory farms as an “onslaught of attacks” and “economic terrorism” – according to an article on

It seems the three Reps from California didn’t like the fact that the Central Valley Meat Co. was shut down after the release of undercover video allegedly showing cows being tortured. They don’t want to see cruelty exposed.

Again, if we had working regulations these undercover videos would not be necessary. The OpEdNews reports the facility had been inspected by the USDA. It seems the current system has too many holes in it.

GREY2K USA calls for removal of Arizona state racing commissioner

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The debate over greyhound racing in the state of Arizona is heating up, in large part due to the appointment of a racing commissioner who, according to GREY2K USA, has made disparaging remarks on Facebook about the anti-dog racing organization and at least one individual who leads its efforts to protect greyhounds.

Carey Theil, the executive director of GREY2K, wrote a letter to Governor Jan Brewer, requesting that Arizona Racing Commissioner Rory Goree be discharged from his position.

A couple of the statements that Goree is accused of posting on Facebook are reported in a story on the website.

How about this suggestion: Free the dogs from this horrible life and then you won’t need a racing commissioner. And then state officials can focus on finding loving homes for the dogs and can focus on promoting the creation of more jobs and a better economy. Sounds like a much better plan than the state’s full-scale promotion of a dying industry with a horrible track record on animal-welfare.