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Two articles point to fall of greyhound racing

Two stories posted on one website – AL.com – on July 27 touched on the downturn for the greyhound racing industry. Despite what any industry insider might want to claim, it is education that has the dog-racing industry playing to empty seats. I’ve never gambled on anything more than a couple of lottery tickets over […]

Media focused of late on the end of greyhound racing in the US

Good news this week. The media has flashed a scattering of pieces across the web of late, on the end of greyhound racing. Some of the articles basically go into the possibility that the market could ultimately spell the end. It would be a bit of justice for the unpopularity of the industry to finally […]

The promotion of horse racing is disgusting

This time year, with the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness coming up, some networks are busy promoting horse racing. Of course, NBC is worst offender, as it televises this nonsense every year. Thankfully, we are seeing actual news coverage of horse racing. We just action in response to these stories. Credit goes to the New […]

Interesting new rules imposed for greyhound racing in Australia

I’ll place the following news under the heading of “I’ll believe it when I see it.” The Australian Associated Press reports new animal-welfare standards have been imposed on greyhound racing. The main regulation we need to keep an eye on, according to the article: Dogs will be required to stay under the care of a […]

Sebelius is out – and it’s a good thing – and your dog agrees with me

I never supported Kathleen Sebelius having a role in any level of government and your dog agrees with me. Now that she has announced her resignation as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, I consider it the correction of a long-running mistake. If you read this blog post to your dogs, that […]

Wacky columnist seems to be anti-gambling – unless dogs are involved

Former Florida lieutenant governor Jeff Gottcamp wrote a column that ran on two websites – SunSentinel and Florida Today. In the editorial, Gottcamp seems to take an anti-gambling stance but also seems to support greyhound racing. After reading the OpEd, I’m not sure he knows what he’s for or against – unless he’s simply pro-dog […]

Breaking: Florida legislature fails to act on decoupling

Once again, it seems very possible that enough members of the Florida legislature are willing to pull defeat from the jaws of victory – for suffering greyhounds. A WFTV article flashed across the Pack News Wire today, reporting the bill to decouple greyhound racing from the casinos has failed. I can’t imagine why anyone, with […]

Florida could be a step closer to phasing out greyhound racing

If the Florida legislature can muster the final steps this year, we could see biggest news to date on greyhound racing. Reports out of the state indicate the legislature might drop efforts to completely transform the gambling industry in the state, in favor of going back to the proposal of decoupling dog racing from the […]

No surprise here; horrors of greyhound racing in Australia swept under the rug

It keeps happening in regard to animal welfare and environmental issues. But it’s hard to imagine why it’s seems okay to some, to produce a study, without covering the main topics involved in the particular issue at hand. In what is being called a “parliamentary inquiry into the greyhound racing industry,” the producers of the […]

Wacky Quote of the Week: Dog racing lobbyist calls out casinos

With increasing frequency, I’m reading quotes that jump off the page of articles or editorials due to the complete wackiness of the statement. Some politicians are well known for stunning quotes, but we can always rely on greyhound racing supporters and puppy mill supporters for off-the-chart statements. It happened again this morning, from a dog-racing […]