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Sochi officials go stupid and evil route in wanting removal of stray dogs

So officials in Sochi, Russia don’t want stray dogs roaming around during the Winter Olympics, so instead of holding those responsible for homelessness accountable for the problem, they are choosing to punish the victims. We see this mentality all too often. Humans have created everything from feral cat colonies to homeless dogs and cat populations […]

A scary headline about adoption – but underneath is not so bad

I ran across a troubling headline on the Raining Cats and Dogs blog on the Chicago Now website. The headline: “Why you should think twice before you adopt a dog.” My first reactions included: ‘What? – They prefer you purchase a puppy?’ and ‘Oh no – they’re anti-adoption.’ But the body of the blog post […]

No-Kill advocate Winograd vs. PETA

There is a back-and-forth building between no-kill advocate Nathan Winograd and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Winegrad and others have slammed PETA for the number of animals euthanized at its shelter in Virginia. PETA has responded by stating the dogs there are too unhealthy or too dangerous to adopt out. Officials there […]

Adoptable kittens to be featured in Kitten Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday

The Hallmark Channel has announced a new special for Super Bowl Sunday – “Kitten Bowl.” So joining the Puppy Bowl will be adoptable kittens on the TV field. It is great that that the networks are promoting the adoption of homeless pets with specials such at this. The full Hallmark press release: “” “” THE […]

Pilots N Paws helping homeless pets go long distance for new homes

Thanks to my brother Mark, a long-time pilot, for sending me this story about a great organization – Pilots N Paws. The group of volunteers fly homeless pets from areas where the shelters are overflowing to areas of the country where shelters have open space or people are at the ready to adopt them. Back […]

Animal welfare crossposters are upset with Facebook’s policies

People who crosspost on Facebook about homeless pets are upset with the social networks recent policy that is blocking this effort. This video serves as an open letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. There are a lot of really negative and troubling things posted on Facebook pages. Crossposting to help homeless pets find loving families […]

More fuzzy math on pet homelessness

When I was engaged in some online research last week, I ran across a blogger’s post concerning the rate of death in animal shelters. I thought about linking to the site, but I don’t want to increase the hits on it at all. In addition, the information features basically the same misinformation spread by others. […]

No-kill shelter debate heats up in Pennsylvania

When the Humane League of Lancaster County (Pa.) announced this week it was going to be a no-kill shelter in February, it set off another debate on the issue of no-kill shelters. No-kill advocates firmly believe in policies where no healthy pets are euthanized in shelters. Some areas have seen success in this effort, where […]

Hallmark Channel’s Pet Project – It’s great to see more organizations getting involved

Hallmark Channel is kicking off it Pet Project program. The network is promoting the adoption of homeless pets, with the help of organizations such as American Humane Association and PetSmart Charities. On the website’s about page: “” Hallmark Channel’s Pet Project also aims to shine a spotlight on this country’s epidemic of pet homelessness and […]

Pack Topics: Homeless pure-bred dogs; and teaching kids compassion

The Go San Angelo website featured a great editorial last week by Jenie Wilson, under the headline – “Teach children pets are living beings not to be cruelly discarded.” Wilson is the executive director of Concho Valley PAWS group. Wilson encourages animal lovers to get involved with local rescue groups, promote spay/neuter and adds, “The […]