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Yes – Horse racing isn’t fair – to the horses

So California Chrome’s owner said horse racing’s triple crown system isn’t fair to the horses. And he said the other owners who don’t put their charges in all three races are cowards. Then he sort of apologized to the industry. Yes – horse racing is not fair – but not in the way this guy […]

The promotion of horse racing is disgusting

This time year, with the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness coming up, some networks are busy promoting horse racing. Of course, NBC is worst offender, as it televises this nonsense every year. Thankfully, we are seeing actual news coverage of horse racing. We just action in response to these stories. Credit goes to the New […]

ESPN Preakness article is disgustingly typical

While letting the dogs out to pee this morning, I checked my smart phone for the morning news. On the ESPN website, there was a headline preview for the Preakness horse race. It seems California Chrome has an illness – turns out to be a blister in his throat. So I clicked on a link […]

PETA’s video report on the abuses in horse racing

PETA released the following report this week, with undercover video concerning the horrors of horse racing. The New York Times focused on the news as well. When profit motives are mixed with animals – most notably here with animal racing – the outcome is routinely horrible for the animals. Now is the time to ban […]

Greyhound and horse breeders mad about proposed cut in subsidies

Breeders of race horses and greyhounds are mad that they won’t get as much free taxpayer money from the West Virginia lottery, under a new bill. I wonder if putting more of the funds into programs where they should go – for education or mental health programs, etc – seems unfair to these breeders. The […]

Editorial covers a lot of ground on animal welfare

An editorial by Peter Fricker, projects and communications director for the Vancouver Humane Society, ran September 8 on the Vancouver Sun website. Fricker covers a lot of territory on animal-welfare topics, from endangered species to habitat loss to horse racing to factory farming to fur farms to bull fighting. He offers one quote indicating that […]

Two articles – two typical quotes from industry insiders

One of the common themes from Big Oil and industries that exploit animals are the typical quotes spewed by the insiders when the time comes to defend cases where animals are harmed or die. After the recent rupture of Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline in Arkansas the company put out a written statement concerning the impact of […]

Oklahoma Governor lifts ban on horse slaughter

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed new legislation Friday to lift the ban on horse slaughter in the state. And the quotes in an Associated Press article show Fallin has a complete lack understanding about this issue and a complete lack of knowledge where animal welfare is concerned. The Governor is quoted as saying – “Those […]

HBO sued concerning treatment of horses during the filming of the series “Luck”

Isn’t it bad enough that horses are abused in horse racing? Did a series about horse racing have to go this route – allegedly at least? A lawsuit charges a number of horses were drugged, underweight and sick during the production of the show. And the Guardian reports this – “” Barbara Casey’s suit filed […]

More terrible news out of horse racing – doping

Doping a problem in horse racing: The horse-racing news out of New Mexico is troubling. It offers more evidence that when we see the mixing of gambling and/or profit with animals, it outcome is usually bad for the animals. KRQE.com reports a relatively new substance known as “frog juice” is being used as a performance-enhancing […]