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Shocker: The US Congress did something good yesterday, on horse slaughter

The US Congress, within the latest budget agreement, voted Thursday to cut funding for inspections at horse-slaughter plants. Without this funding, horse slaughter plants will not be inspected and therefore will not be able to operate. An AP story posted on the ABC News site included the following quote, which pretty much says it all: […]

Judge extends restraining order on opening of NM horse slaughter plant

We can only hope a judge’s extension of a restraining order, against the opening of a horse slaughter plant in New Mexico, will lead to a permanent ban on operations such as this. On Friday, State District Judge Matthew Wilson put the opening on hold for 10 more days, so that testimony can be heard. […]

HSUS board member reviews 2013

A view of the year 2013 for the Humane Society of the US, written by board member Cathy Kangas, was publish Tuesday on the Huffington Post website. While the list Kangas features contains a number of important facts, some of the information really deserves highlights. The public also became aware of the American Kennel Club’s […]

Pack of Compassion Award: NH 11-year-old opposing horse slaughter

Sometimes, kids can show more intelligence, logic and compassion than some adults. This is the case for an New Hampshire 11-year-old, who is fighting the good fight against horse slaughter. New Hampshire.com reports Declan Gregg runs a blog, Children 4 Horses. He’s been to Washington, DC three times to voice his concerns and keeps track […]

Wacky Royal Mentality: Princess Anne on eating horses

Princess Anne spoke this week at the World Horse Welfare conference and suggested fewer horses would suffer if more were killed for human consumption. She claims people would treat horses better if they thought the horses would end up as food. No way around it, that is Wacky Mentality. And anyone who would treat horses […]

Editorial covers a lot of ground on animal welfare

An editorial by Peter Fricker, projects and communications director for the Vancouver Humane Society, ran September 8 on the Vancouver Sun website. Fricker covers a lot of territory on animal-welfare topics, from endangered species to habitat loss to horse racing to factory farming to fur farms to bull fighting. He offers one quote indicating that […]

Reopening the door to horse slaughter plants an idiotic move

Late last month, the US Department of Agriculture granted an application in New Mexico to open a horse-slaughter plant. And the same thing could happen in Iowa and Missouri. It is still possible the USDA might not be granted the funding to inspect the plants, which would block the move. An Associated Press article posted […]

Proposed amendment to the recent Farm Bill was set to strip protections for animals

US Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) is an anti-animal welfare as they come. His latest effort – the so-called King Amendment to the latest Farm Bill – was set to do several things, such overturning the ban on gestation crates for pigs. An Examiner.com article included the following: According to the Olympian, it would effectively force […]

A step in the right direction – to ban horse slaughter in the US

The U.S. House Appropriations Committee voted last week to approve an amendment to an Agriculture Appropriations bill. If the measure makes it all the way through the Congress, it would shut down the use of taxpayer dollars for inspections on horse slaughter plants. Without these inspections, horse slaughter operations would not be allowed to operate […]

Good News: Proposed horse slaughterhouse hitting roadblocks

The proposed slaughterhouse in New Mexico has reportedly hit a roadblock due to environmental regulations. So it seems regulations to protect the environment can have a duel purpose – in this case to save horses from extreme suffering. At the heart of the issue is a permit required under the federal Clean Water Act, one […]