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Human – Animal Bond

Two amazing animals reacte to the loss of their guardians – in amazing ways

In Nebraska, a Schnauzer-Poodle mix named Elvis escaped his new home and was found days later near the church where the funeral of his long-time guardian had been held. After Judy Gustas died at the end of battle with cancer, Elvis was adopted by a nurse who had cared for Gustas. He was found nine […]

Video: 10 hero dogs of 2012

Huffington Post lists 10 Hero Dogs of 2012:

Two stories show the two sides of our society

I will never be able to understand the mentality it must take to abuse a child or an animal. It is perplexing to consider that while our society includes people with great levels of compassion, it also includes people capable of terrible acts committed on innocent people and creatures of this planet. Two stories came […]

I’ve lost a friend and the planet has lost a truely compassionate animal lover

I stepped away from blogging for a few days, as during that span I attended a memorial service and the then the funeral for Father Al Dash. The retired Catholic priest was 74 years old. Father Dash conducted a blessing of the animals service every October in my hometown and rescued ex-racing greyhounds. We met […]

Hero pet and hero person

I just found two great stories that once again reaffirm our connection with our animals. The winner of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles’ 30th National Hero Dog Award has been announced and it’s Bear, a 100-pound Shiloh German shepherd rescued from a Texas animal shelter three years ago. Bear’s […]

Can dogs experience disappointment?

I found an interesting post on a blog called “A City Mom” on the Chicago Now website. Kim Strickland asked the question – “Can a dog understand a broken promise?” It seems she promised her dog they would go on a morning jog, but circumstances pushed back the outing. Her dog exhibited some unusual behavior, […]

Pets have health benefits for the elderly

Sorry folks. I’ve been slammed of late with other writing projects, so I have been woefully off line when it comes to the blog. To get back into gear and back on my daily blogging pace, we have the results on a study about the health benefits pets offer to the elderly. File this one […]

Injured Marine seeks to save and adopt injured military service dog

This is one of those stories that all at once can leave you somewhat upset and touched and perplexed. An injured former Marine is trying to adopt the service dog she worked with in Iraq, but bureaucratic roadblocks seem to be in the way. Over two tours of duty, Corporal Megan Leavey and German shepherd […]

New Study: Dogs can read us

New research out of Hungary is offering more evidence that dogs can read what we’re thinking, as reported today on MSNBC.com. This sort of research is so incredibly important. Dogs seem to be able to read our thoughts, whether it is through eye contact or our emotions or some other hidden trait. The Hungarian researched […]

Another dog credited with saving his family

A dog in Ohio is being credited for saving his family from armed intruders during a home invasion. Two men entered the home and when confronted by the dog, fired on him. Kaizer was shot twice, once in the head and once in the leg. He is recovering but he’s not out of the woods, […]