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Japan Earthquake

Pack Line Headlines: Exotic animal ban in Ohio, the Fukushima animals, puppy sales

Abandoned animals still suffering in Fukushima danger zone: When Japanese citizens were forced to evacuate after the earthquake and subsequent nuclear disaster, many pets and farm animals were abandoned. To this day many are still suffering. Ohio could ban exotic animals as pets: The Washington Post reports the proposed legislation would ban future purchases of […]

Japanese government finally getting onboard to help animals in evacuation zone

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) recently led a summit in Japan to offer safe methods to remove abandoned pets from the evacuation zone near the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant. In response, the Japanese government is finally on board to open the door for the evacuation and treatment of animals contaminated by the radiation.

Last Chance for Animals is doing great work in Japan

In the wake of the multiple tragedies in Japan, pets were left behind in areas devastated by the flooding or nuclear radiation. But animal welfare groups – including Last Chance for Animals – have gone into these areas to rescue the animals.  

Rescuers trying to help pets left behind in Japan’s nuclear danger zone

Sadly, pets and livestock left behind in the evacuation of the region around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan are starving, as few people are being allowed into the danger zone. CNN reports freelance journalists recently left food for one dog and rescuers have been braving the radiation danger to save others, but […]