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Another very weak sentence handed down for severe animal cruelty

A man who pleaded guilty last month to felony dog fighting charges in Alabama will serve only nine months jail and then a year of house arrest. And four years probation was tacked on, along with 100 hours of community service at an animal shelter. To add insult to injury for the dogs he severely […]

Another case where no consideration is given to the victims

I am stunned with the regularity of news stories where people guilty of serious crimes are given very light punishment – in cases of cruelty to animals and humans. It has happened again, this time in Ohio, where a trio of family member had hundreds of charges of animal cruelty dropped. The puppy mill was […]

Dallas prosecutor gets Pack of Justice Award for great quote

I wish we could see this news story repeated all over the country. Thanks to a great donation, Dallas County (Texas) will get an Animal Cruelty Unit to investigate and prosecute cases of abuse to animals. In a Dallas Morning News story, prosecutor Heath Harris was quoted as saying – We want people to know […]

Two more cases of very weak sentencing for dog fighting

In Missouri last week, a man charged with dog fighting pleaded guilty to one count, as part of a plea deal to reduce the number from four original counts. His punishment for this horrible crime? – A three-year suspended sentence, a $3,000 fine and five years of probation. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch story also reports […]

This story reflects one key reason why dog fighting still exists

Why is dog fighting still a major problem in this country? One key answer to this question is the fact that the punishment for this horrible crime is too often very, very weak. Case in point – Shelby County, Ohio, where a father, mother and son are set to be sentenced for dog fighting. WHIOTV.com […]

Pack of News from the odd side of the room

Just when you thought you’d heard it all ….: A dog in Tennessee was turned over recently to a shelter to be euthanized because he was gay. The man who dropped him off reportedly saw him mount anther male dog and thought that meant he was gay. Can we now push for an improved education […]

Another case showing the link between animal cruelty and attacks on humans

Another case of someone moving from acts of cruelty to animals to abusing other human beings may be unfolding in New Jersey. CBS News reports a 19-year-old man has been charged with stabbing a mother who was shopping with her infant child. She was stabbed 20 times and at last report was in stable condition […]

Pack News Topic: Puppy Mills

Two alleged puppy mills shut down: More than 50 dogs were rescued this week from  an alleged puppy mill in Minden, N.Y. In Denver, Colo., approximately 35 dogs are recovering after being rescued from a similar situation last month. Ohio breeder turns over dogs after passage of new regulations: A Holmes County, Ohio breeder turned […]

HBO sued concerning treatment of horses during the filming of the series “Luck”

Isn’t it bad enough that horses are abused in horse racing? Did a series about horse racing have to go this route – allegedly at least? A lawsuit charges a number of horses were drugged, underweight and sick during the production of the show. And the Guardian reports this – “” Barbara Casey’s suit filed […]

Puppy mill manager handed very light punishment

The news on the topic of puppy mills is pouring into the Pack News Wire in-box. Today, let’s look into a horrible ruling in the Hawaiian puppy mill case: Puppy mill manager in Hawaii given very light sentence: The manager of a dog-breeding facility in Hawaii was sentence this week to only six months in […]