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Leghold Traps

Miss South Carolina and Miss SC Teen receive fur coats as gifts

One of the steps forward we’ve made as a society of late is the consensus we’ve come to that wearing fur is unacceptable. With all of the wearable products on the market that are equal to and even better than fur, we all know that it is only cruel to wear fur. Apparently, the folks […]

Six new animal-welfare bills signed into law in Hawaii

On Wednesday, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed six bills into law, all designed to protect animals. Hopefully, more states will follow Hawaii’s lead and the growing trend to protect animals in other states. While the progress is slow, we are seeing movement in the right direction – a movement to the side of compassion. A […]

Members of Federal Wildlife Services routinely engaged in acts of animal cruelty

A Fox News story published Tuesday reports on routine acts of animal cruelty, by individuals working in the USDA’s Wildlife Services department. One person quoted in the article explains it is part of the job to have dogs attack wolves held in leg-hold traps. Thankfully, two US Congressman – Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) and Rep. […]

Editorial slams the practice of animal trapping

The practice of trapping animals with devices that clamp down on their legs or other body parts is extremely cruel. The trapped animals suffer greatly for a long time. It’s something civilized societies – and all societies – should have banned many, many decades, if not centuries, ago. It is disturbing to think that some […]

Greyhound found locked in coyote trap, with amputated ear

A greyhound was recently found near Austin, Texas – locked in a coyote trap. He was severely emaciated and one of his ears had been cut off. As reported by KXAN.com – “” When a greyhound is no longer profitable in racing, some owners will cut the ear off so they can’t be traced back. […]

Bill could make life better for Massachusetts farm animals

The Boston Herald reports a bill in the Massachusetts state legislature “would ban the extreme confinement of veal calves, breeding pigs and egg-laying hens in a manner that does not allow them to lie down, stand up, turn around freely and fully extend their limbs.” And another bill could mean better protections from domestic violence […]

Bills introduced in NC to allow leghold trapping of foxes and coyotes

The Pack of Putrid Punditry Award for today goes to the sponsors of bills in the North Carolina General Assembly that would allow the use of leghold traps to catch foxes and coyotes. An alert posted on the North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare website notes 89 of the state’s 100 counties have banned the […]