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Pack of greyhound racing news

The needle is moving in the positive direction in greyhound racing, as more news about the odds of shutting down the horrible industry in Iowa comes out. And hopefully, the Florida legislature will follow suit. The Herald-Tribune out of Florida ran an editorial yesterday about the decoupling effort, a move that could drop the requirement […]

Wellington, Fla. bans dog and cat sales in stores

Another community has banned the sale of dogs and cats in stores. We really need this trend to spread much faster, to every state in the nation. No stores in Wellington, Fla. reportedly sell dogs or cats at this time, but the city council chose to act proactively this week to ban the practice. There […]

Legislation to ban shelter gas chambers and a proposed ban on in-store pet sales

Two important bills are in the works in Michigan and Virginia and we can only hope the movement spreads. In Michigan, the legislation could shut down gas chambers at animals shelters. It is a cruel practice that does not take into account the emotional and physical pain the animals suffer. While it is a tragedy […]

Ohio close to passing new animal-cruelty law

The Ohio House voted Wednesday to approve new legislation to increase the penalty for acts of animal cruelty, specifically making the act of “abusing or torturing a pet to death” a felony – as reported by Cleveland.com. The measure will now move to the State Senate before hopefully being signed into law by the governor. […]

Article highlights weakness in current animal-cruelty regulations

Ignorance as a primary factor in animal-cruelty cases was the primary theme for an article posted November 30 on the Topeka Capital-Journal website. But the article also notes how much local law enforcement agencies can be handcuffed by current regulations. Which clearly indicates these current regulations do not offer enough protections for animals suffering from […]

How does an anti-dog fighting bill stall in the US House?

The current Farm Bill contains a provision to criminalize attending an animal-fighting event – at the federal level. And a StarGazette.com article notes: Spectators would face additional charges if they brought a minor to witness the fight. How both of these activities are not already federal crimes – serious federal crimes – is beyond unbelievable. […]

Pennsylvania legislature passes new animal-welfare bill

Despite some setbacks across the map, the animal-welfare movement is seeing forward progress and some key wins. Pennsylvania joined the list of positive results this week, with the passage of its “Cost of Care” bill in the state legislature. And reports indicate Governor Corbett will sign it into law. The legislation means those accused of […]

Nitro’s Law is now the law in Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich signed Nitro’s Law on Sunday. The legislation carries the name of a Rottweiler who was among eight dogs who died from starvation at a dog-training facility. The guilty party was sentenced to only four months in jail, because at the time it was minor misdemeanor. As has been the case too […]

Six new animal-welfare bills signed into law in Hawaii

On Wednesday, Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed six bills into law, all designed to protect animals. Hopefully, more states will follow Hawaii’s lead and the growing trend to protect animals in other states. While the progress is slow, we are seeing movement in the right direction – a movement to the side of compassion. A […]

Legislative news out of Alabama and Texas

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported last week on a proposal to require most Waco, Texas pet guardians to have their pets spay or neutered and microchipped. The proposal came from the city’s Animal Welfare Advisory Board. The article states: The proposal would prohibit keeping or selling intact animals unless the owner is registered with the city […]