Column about Michael Vick is a dropped pass in the end zone

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Writer Brenda Linck used a blog post on Fan IQ to suggest NFL quarterback Michael Vick, convicted on dog-fighting charges, is a role model.

Maybe, in a stretch, one could suggest he turned his life around – if and only if we see a change going forward for an extended period of time. But at this point, I’m not seeing enough from Vick. What he did was nothing short of horrible.

But Linck went even farther with her column on January 5, stepping into a heaping pile of clueless.

Linck made the following statement:

He ended up serving 21 months in prison. Did the punishment fit the crime? In my opinion, no; He should have served less time.

Actually, 21 months in prison is far too little time for operating a dog-fighting ring and torturing dogs to death. But Linck justifies her opinion by claiming that criminals can serve less time for acts against people. So increase the penalties for these crimes; don’t lessen the punishment for cruelty to animals.

And she says we all make mistakes. Sure, but we don’t all engage in cruelty to animals or people. And those who do should be severely punished. Yes, people can change and turn their lives around. But for this sort of horrible crime, the punishment should come first and then it’s up to the offender to prove him or herself over time.

Linck lost all credibility on this issue, when she suggested Vick’s punishment was too harsh – in comparison to his crime.

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HSUS comments on Michael Vick’s decision to adopt a dog

No Gravatar asked for a received a response from the Humane Society of the US, on the topic of Michael Vick’s recent admission that his family now includes a dog, after the completion of his probation period on dog fighting crimes.

The HSUS representative circles around the issue, in the statement included on the Ecorazzi piece.

The organization has worked with Vick in an effort to shine a spotlight on dog fighting, so I understand the reluctance to speak out too harshly. But I believe this is a case where consistency, precedence and fairness come into play. No one convicted of such cruel acts should ever be allowed to possess pets again.


Michael Vick has a dog

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Michael Vick has confirmed that his family has a dog. In an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article published Thursday, Vick is quoted as saying he wants his children to be around animals.

In my view, anyone convicted of animal cruelty, especially to the degree of what Vick was convicted of doing, should be banned from possessing pets for life.

As an adult, he made a decision to engage in horrible acts of cruelty. He has to face the consequences for his actions – period.

Pack Line Headlines: Dog fighting, humane farming, abuser registries

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Vick ‘case’ might be helping to curb dog fighting in Georgia: The headline on the USA Today website reads “Michael Vick case helped curb dog-fighting in Georgia.” My immediate reaction was, ‘Wait, no one should be giving credit to Vick for this.’ But after that flash reaction, I felt better of the headline and article because it correctly included the word “case.”

Michael Vick himself hasn’t been the key to shining more light on this horrible, illegal industry. His arrest and conviction – the case against him as a sports celebrity – served to shine more light on the evils of dog fighting.

The January 17 article also notes Georgia now has tougher dog-fighting laws and set up an anonymous tip line.

Animal Welfare Approved farmer is 12 years old: Shelby Grebenc of Broomfield, Colo. is the youngest farmer in the country to be Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). She sells the eggs from her chickens on her Happy Chapped Chicken Butt Farm.

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Video: Dogs rescued from Michael Vick are a greater success story than Vick

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While sports commentators praise Michael Vicks’ successful return to football, they too often forget about the dogs he tortured for so long.
I’m not one to pile on – to use a football term – but since these commentators are stuck on praising Vick, I feel the need to report on the heroes of the story.

This PBS video is worth every minute of the viewing –

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

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Careful consideration of Michael Vick’s latest statements

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Michael Vick stepped up the microphones Tuesday in Washington, DC to express his support for harsher federal penalties for those who attend dog fights. If the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act is enacted, it would make attending a dog fight a misdemeanor and it would be a felony to bring a minor along.

Actually, it should be a major felony in both cases – with serious mandatory jail time. But let’s get back to Vick.

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Michael Vick’s former dog-fighting home closer to becoming rehab center

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The Dogs Deserve Better organization has raised enough funding to cover the down payment on Michael Vick’s former home, infamously used as the dog-fighting site of Bad Newz Kennels. reports the selling price for the 15-acre property in Surry County, Va. is $595,000.

If all goes as planned, the house would be turned into an office, fundraising center and store. Dogs Deserve Better is hoping it can close on the property in mid-May and name the facility – Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs.