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Missouri’s Proposition B

Some in Missouri legislature looking to further weaken protections for animals

For some elected officials in Missouri, it is not enough that a vote of the people to strengthen the state’s breeding regulation was gutted later by the state legislature; now they want to further weaken anti-cruelty regulations and make it tougher for people to vote for better regulations. From an Associated Press article posted Saturday […]

Breaking News: Compromise dog-breeding bill signed by Missouri governor

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed two bills Wednesday, one to gut Proposition B and then another compromise bill that falls in between the two measures. I’m still not convinced this was the right thing to do, as it seems troubling to me that the terrible first bill was even signed at all. Seems pretty sneaky […]

Water is still muddy on effort to undo Prop B in Missouri

The news continues to pore in on the bill to undo Proposition B in Missouri and on Governor Nixon’s proposed compromise. An editorial appearing in the Columbia Daily Tribune is choppy at best and seems to be supporting the compromise. But as we see in so many of these anti-Prop B editorials or comments, nothing […]

Missouri representative gives clueless radio interview on Prop B repeal

I received a link this morning to a radio interview with Rep. Kurt Bahr of the Missouri House. The interview is described in the Fired Up Missouri blog as being a “train wreck.” And it truly is. Bahr suggests the provision in Proposition B to limit the number of breeding dogs a breeders can possess […]

Gov. Nixon’s compromise on Prop B repeal is losing support

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s compromise on the proposed repeal of key components of Proposition B is losing support from both sides – with headlines Wednesday using the phrases “crumbling” and “threatened.” A group of 65 state lawmakers who backed a new bill (SB 113) to gut Prop B are calling on Nixon to drop the […]

Compromise proposed by Gov. Nixon in Missouri on repeal of Proposition B

The effort to repeal many of the important provision in Missouri’s Prop B took a twisting turn today when Governor Jay Nixon announced a possible compromise – “between state-level animal-welfare groups and Missouri dog breeders.” Agriculture groups in the state and the Humane Society of Missouri have reportedly signed off on the compromise. There are […]

Young Jackie Evancho sings for the seals

Talented singer Jackie Evancho, at age 10, has become a spokesperson for stopping the slaughter of baby seals. She possesses compassion for other living things. How is that this young person can see so clearly what it means to be compassionate – when at the same time we also see people who offer such a […]

Missouri farmers group spits propaganda concerning Missouri’s Prop B

A brand new Pack of Putrid Punditry Award goes to Missouri Farmers Care, described as “a coalition of leading Missouri agriculture advocacy groups” by a piece of warped propaganda posted on the website – DairyHerd.com. The group falsely claims that the bill recorded as SB 113 – which guts the anti-puppy mill measure Proposition B […]

Will the Missouri governor choose to protect dogs or puppy mills?

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has a decision to make – sign the bill to gut Proposition B or go the humane route and veto the bill. Vetoing the bill will ensure that protections remain in place, to allow for time outside and for better housing for breeding dogs housed in puppy mills.

Interactive National Anti-Puppy Mill Regulations

In reading and reporting on the potentially tragic efforts to overturn Missouri’s Proposition B, I’ve been thinking about what provisions all breeding regulations – from federal and state levels should contain. I feel there are some basic protections that should be afforded to all breeding dogs. So let’s work together – as a pack – […]