Most popular dog breed is actually the mutt

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The AKC has announced its annual list of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Of course in this case, its nothing more than an advertising gimmick to promote the sale of pure-bred dogs.

I beg to differ on which ‘breed’ is actually at the top of the list. The mutt is the all-time greatest and I contend that these dogs are the most popular. And of course, the most popular dog in 2013 should be the rescue dog – no matter what breed they are.

And after all – they’re all mixed-breeds. All dogs are wolf-hybrids. Some people are still paying thousands of dollars for some ‘champion’ dog of some royal-lineage, when they all can be traced back to wolves.

All so-called pure-bred dogs are the result mixed-breeding – in many cases going back thousands of years.  So ultimately, they are all mutts – domesticated wolf mutts.

And finally and sadly, there are people promoting the slaughter of your dog’s relatives out in the wild, in a number of states.

Interesting article on designer-breed dogs

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Bloomberg Businessweek has an interesting article out on designer breeding versus the AKC types.

It seems the more traditional (if we can call it that) breeders are coming up against those who are selling mixes such as the labradoodle and others.

It is somewhat disturbing to read that the designer breeders have grown from about 40 in the US a decade ago to thousands today, who are feeding what the article suggests is a “growing demand.”

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Sunday Commentary: The mutt is the greatest breed – and after all, they’re all mutts

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Some people are still being been led to believe that they have to purchase a “purebred” dog or cat. They believe that to “know what you’re getting” you must buy an AKC registered dog or you be able to trace a bloodline or follow some championship pedigree. Wrong.

This topic slipped back to the forefront with Whoopi Goldberg’s recent comments. Of course in her case, her arguement was hugely flawed because she wants to purchase puppy mill puppies.

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