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Natural Gas Fracking

Judge makes double-shocker decision on hydraulic fracking fluids

The fracking industry won a big decision in Wyoming this past week, because a judge decided to be an industry puppet and decided to ignore protections for people and the environment. It was a shocking, double-whammy decision. With this decision, the industry can continue to keep secret the chemicals it mixes into its friggin’ fracking […]

Game On – Beer drinkers vs. the Fracking Industry

I don’t drink any sort of alcoholic beverages at all, but a lot of people do – a lot of people. And certainly there are tons of beer drinkers in the United States. An article on Grist.org hit the Pack News Wire this morning, concerning the concern that beer makers in New York State have […]

Fracking a threat to wildlife and domestic animals – Of course it is

The Center for Biological Diversity is rightfully concerned with the impact of natural gas fracking on wildlife, particularly for wildlife in California, in an editorial on its website. It suggests the drilling can and very well is affecting wildlife and domestic animals – such as horses, cats and dogs. From fish kills in Pennsylvania to […]

Another example of how weak the EPA is

Some politicians have been calling for a shutdown of the Environmental Protection Agency. Others are at least calling for pull-back of regulations and EPA oversight. These people claim the EPA has been overstepping its bounds and has been holding back economic development. The facts clearly oppose these notions and today we have another example of […]

Energy company is land-grabbing for fracking rights

Reuters is reporting that Chesapeake Energy Corp is using a process known as land grabs to secure natural gas fracking rights on private property, sometimes against the will of the landowners. The Reuters piece includes the following sentence that sums up the topic: “” This June, after petitioning a Texas state agency for an exception […]

Satire Saturday: Big Oil CEO says “Frack This”

Because blogging about serious topics such as animal cruelty cases, greyhound racing, dog fighting and puppy mills can be all too serious at times, we will meet here on the weekends for Satire Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays). On occasion, we could all use a little lighthearted relief. Headline: Big Oil CEO defends oil spills The […]

AM Pack Line Headlines: Fracking, horse slaughter, factory farming, etc

ONE – The EPA has released a report stating the polluted groundwater in a Wyoming town is caused by chemicals used in the fracking process, in drilling for natural gas. From the NBC article – “” Doug Hock, a spokesman for EnCana Corp., which owns rights to the Pavillion-area field, slammed the draft report. “The […]

Fracking chemicals found in aquifer in drilling region of Wyoming

Surprise – Surprise – Fracking chemicals have been detected, in a big way, in the aquifer for the town of Pavillion, Wyo. But wait. The TV ads (propaganda) out of Exxon claim it’s all safe and wonderful to drill for natural gas. The drilling sites are contained and there’s no way the groundwater is polluted […]

Jobs, yes – but at what cost?

Big Oil and Big Coal have taken to spreading some really expensive and extensive propaganda that translates to – ‘let us pollute, destroy nature and wipe out wildlife populations as we see fit, because we supply jobs.’ We need the jobs and certainly the country needs far more jobs. But why can’t our great country, […]

More on the pollution connection from natural-gas fracking

Wells in Bradford County, Pa. have been found to contain pollution from a blowout at a natural gas drilling operation nearby. The EPA did some testing and discovered polluted wells but it will predictably act slowly in response to the findings. After all, profit has to be the first priority – right? I mean. all […]