Nitro’s Law is now the law in Ohio

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Ohio Governor John Kasich signed Nitro’s Law on Sunday. The legislation carries the name of a Rottweiler who was among eight dogs who died from starvation at a dog-training facility.

The guilty party was sentenced to only four months in jail, because at the time it was minor misdemeanor. As has been the case too many times over too many years in too many states, acts of extremely cruelty have been met with less than a slap on the wrist.

So this new law targets cruelty at licensed kennels in the state. But as is the case with other stories, there’s the good news and some bad news. An article explains:

Nitro’s Law affects all commercial breeding, boarding, and training facilities. The law, however has no relevance to large scale breeding operations known as puppy mills.

Another step in the right direction, but the puppy millers manage to slip away in the night.


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Nitro’s Law in Ohio advances in State House

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House Bill 108 – also known as Nitro’s Law – would make serious acts of animal cruelty a felony with stiffer penalties.

The Nitro Foundation is reporting the bill is on the agenda for September 21 for the House Criminal Justice Committee.

Hopefully, this bill will make it’s way to a full House vote and will eventually be signed into law. Piece by piece, step by step, state by state we’re seeing better laws and stiffer penalties being put into place to protect animals from acts of cruelty and neglect.

It’s slow going, but any progress is welcome. I wish we could federal laws improved to put abuser behind bars with serious penalties. We could leap-frog these steps if the federal government could man-up on these issues.