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Oil Spills

Keystone XL Pipeline: The Risk on Video

The group AllRiskNoReward produced this video concerning the Keystone XL Pipeline. One question: Does the “XL” stand for Extra Large Spills? PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Two articles – two typical quotes from industry insiders

One of the common themes from Big Oil and industries that exploit animals are the typical quotes spewed by the insiders when the time comes to defend cases where animals are harmed or die. After the recent rupture of Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline in Arkansas the company put out a written statement concerning the impact of […]

Once again, Big Oil shows it just doesn’t care

The AP reports the delay in Exxon’s response to the 2011 oil spill along the Yellowstone River in Montana made the disaster much worse. Fish and other wildlife were killed along 70 miles of riverbank and the cleanup lasted for months. Approximately 63,000 gallons of crude poured into the river. BP covered up the amount […]

Property rights teaming with the right to a healthy environment – vs. the Keystone XL Pipeline

In the vary state synonymous with oil, property owners are fighting back against TransCanada and its Keystone XL Pipeline. The Associated Press is reporting nearly half of the steel used in the construction of the pipeline is not American-made, the company is not promising to hire local employees and there is no guarantee being offered […]

Romney and Obama? – We need an animal-welfare candidate

On one side, Mitt and Ann Romney continue to defend the act of riding their dog on top of their car – and with their statements of late are only making the news worse. And on the other side, we have President Obama opening up the Atlantic seaboard to oil and gas exploration. While I […]

Satire Saturday: Big Oil CEO says “Frack This”

Because blogging about serious topics such as animal cruelty cases, greyhound racing, dog fighting and puppy mills can be all too serious at times, we will meet here on the weekends for Satire Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays). On occasion, we could all use a little lighthearted relief. Headline: Big Oil CEO defends oil spills The […]

Report: Oil leaking into North Sea from Shell oil rig

Shell oil company has confirmed oil has been leaking from one of its oil rigs in the North Sea, but officials won’t say how much has been leaking. I wonder why? The Guardian out of the UK quotes a Shell spokesman as saying “we are managing an oil leak.” Where have we heard all this […]