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Pack of Compassion Award

More great news: Cosmetic testing on animals banned by European Union

In a move that should have happened long ago in the United States and across the globe, the European Union has banned the testing of cosmetic products on animals – effective March 11. Why the United States has not taken this step is beyond reason. These companies no longer need to torture animals. As the […]

Israel bans some products tested on animals

Israel gets a special Pack of Compassion Award, as the New Year brings a new ban in the country on the import, marketing and sale of any toiletries, cosmetics and detergents that were tested on animals. Bernama.com reports the ban was voted on in 2010 and is now the law of the land. The article […]

Pack Topics: Animal cruelty; dog fighting; puppy mills

Act of cruelty leads child to an act of compassion: The body of a cat was discovered recently in a park in South Minneapolis, with a stake driven through its throat and into a tree stump. A local child was so saddened by the act that he worked with his parents to organize a vigil […]

Maryland Girl Scouts Troop wins Pack of Compassion Award – for letter to the AKC

Girl Scout Troop 6811 out of Sandy Spring, Md. wrote a letter recently to the American Kennel Club, asking the organization to drop its opposition to proposed changes to the Animal Welfare Act that would close the loophole in the regulations that too many breeders are jumping through. The girls want to make sure breeders […]

Pack Topic: Saving tortoises; South Korea to resume whaling

South Korea fibs about its reasons to resume whaling: Under the false cover of so-called scientific research, South Korea has announced plans to resume whaling. And oh by the way, representatives are talking about how much some people in the country love whale meat. The Wall Street Journal story notes the “South Korean government cited […]

Sarah McLachlan asks Canadian PM to halt seal clubbing cruelty

One of my favorite all-time musical artist, Sarah McLachlan, has written a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, calling for an end to the country’s annual seal hunt. The the so-called ‘hunt’ is actually the clubbing of baby seals – the brutal beating of defenseless baby seals. The Globe and Mail notes Russia banned […]

Dog intervenes to save woman being beaten by her boyfriend

Last year, when a woman in Kansas City, Mo. was being beaten with a hammer by her boyfriend, her Great Dane came to her defense. The dog absorbed several blows after laying across her body. Reports state the boyfriend then threw them both out of a second-story window. KCTV5.com reports the dog’s injuries included a […]

11-year-old Charlotte girl pushing for better regulations on dog breeding

A young girl in North Carolina is calling for better regulations on dog breeding in the state. She understands this issue, where too many elected officials just don’t get it. She has started a petition to promote the cause, after a recent case where an alleged puppy-mill operator turned over dozens of dogs – some […]

US Representative speaks out in opposing horse slaughter

An editorial by Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) was published today on TheHill.com, concerning the topic of continuing a ban on horse slaughter. Moran has introduced an amendment to restore the ban on this horrible practice.