Pack Topics: Dog fighting, puppy mills and animal cruelty

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More news off the Pack News Wire:

Dog Fighting: Two New York State men have been charged with animal cruelty for staging dog fights in their homes. With this news, New City Patch is reporting state Sen. David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange) has “renewed his call to strengthen New York State’s laws” to protect animals.

“Animal cruelty cannot be tolerated in any forms, said Senator Carlucci in the Patch story. “This has become a national phenomenon but make no mistake about it, we will take decisive action at the state level to enable our law enforcement to go after the worst abusers of this practice.”

For that statement, Carlucci earns a Pack of Justice Award.

The article also notes Carlucci co-sponsored legislation back in 2011 to criminalize attending a dog fight, as a “misdemeanor punishable for a period not to exceed one year, or by a fine of up to $1,000, or both.”  And he supported legislation that became law in 2012 that bans these evil people from “owning, selling or manufacturing animal fighting paraphernalia used for the intent of animal fighting.”

I will have to say that these acts should be felonies, with serious prison time involved.

Puppy Mills: A county in Washington State is struggling to shut down puppy mills in the region.

The Daily News article included the following important paragraph on a puppy-mill raid from three years ago: “” Many of the 157 Pomeranians and Labradors at Albert, Sandra and Theresa Hahns’ Rockridge Road property were sick or malnourished. Dozens were housed in stacked crates in the Hahns’ “dark, poorly ventilated and filthy” home, where the smell of ammonia burned inspectors’ eyes and feces covered nearly every surface, according to investigative reports. “”

The breeder’s parents are still breeding dogs.

An ordinance there now limits breeders to 50 breeding dogs. But the problems continue and more needs to be done. Stronger penalties and stronger regulations would help greatly. One breeder was found to have been slaughtering horses to feed his dogs.

Animal Cruelty Legislation: Measure 5 in North Dakota, if passed by vote on November 6, would elevate acts of animal cruelty to a Class C felony. It specifically targets cruel acts against dogs, cats and horses.

An editorial on the Bismarck Tribune website calls for a no vote on the measure, largely because it does not cover farm animals or hunting. That would be better. But I don’t want dogs, cats and horses to suffer in the meantime. A step in the right direction is better than no step at all.

City councilman vs. dog racing CEO

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Tucson, Ariz. city councilman Steve Kozachik is not backing down from his efforts to protect greyhounds at Tucson Greyhound Park. For his efforts, he earns a Pack of Justice Award.

Kozachik is supporting efforts to ban the use of steroids by the track in racing dogs in Tucson. For his efforts, he has come under fire from the track’s CEO.

KGUN9 News interviewed the councilman and got this statement – “The guy’s a pathetic ass. He’s clearly going into meltdown mode. Quite frankly, I don’t have a lot of respect for someone who’s pimpin’ such a sleazy industry.”

And he said this – “Quite frankly, this is about the welfare of the animals and it’s a sleazy industry and the guy is all over it.”

We need more elected officials like, Kozachik, who care about animals.

We’ll have to keep track of this story. I want to see how the next round plays out.

Sarah McLachlan asks Canadian PM to halt seal clubbing cruelty

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One of my favorite all-time musical artist, Sarah McLachlan, has written a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, calling for an end to the country’s annual seal hunt. The the so-called ‘hunt’ is actually the clubbing of baby seals – the brutal beating of defenseless baby seals.

The Globe and Mail notes Russia banned the import of seal fur last year, joining the European Union and the United States with bans. Russia was buying 95 percent of Canadian seal fur. But the cruelty continues despite these facts.

McLachlan wrote – “This business is about as lucrative as an eight-track tape factory.”

But Harper is a full-blown supporter of this cruel and barbaric industry. The Globe and Mail also reported back in February on the PM’s trip to China, when he was set to make it priority to promote the sale of seal products.

At the time, Harper was quoted as saying – “Our government will continue to vigorously defend this humane and highly regulated industry and to seek new international markets for Canadian seal products, including China.”

So he gets a major-league Pack of Putrid Punditry Award. “Humane?” – really? No one with the ability to form even a tiny sliver of logical thought would call clubbing baby seals to death a “humane” act. This guy was really elected as the Canadian Prime Minister? Do they vote on that in Canada?

Sarah McLachlan, on the other hand, is officially awarded a Pack of Justice Award and a Pack of Compassion Award and a Wow Isn’t She Fantastic Award. (Okay … I just made that last one up, because it’s Sarah McLachlan we’re talking about here.)

Dog intervenes to save woman being beaten by her boyfriend

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Last year, when a woman in Kansas City, Mo. was being beaten with a hammer by her boyfriend, her Great Dane came to her defense. The dog absorbed several blows after laying across her body. Reports state the boyfriend then threw them both out of a second-story window. reports the dog’s injuries included a broken hip, ribs and other broken bones.

The woman later called a local domestic violence shelter, but the initially facility would not allow the dog to stay there. She refused to leave her dog and the shelter made an exception to allow the two of them to stay there.

The Rose Brooks Center is now working on the addition of 25 beds to a pet-friendly wing of the shelter. It is a great decision, because as the article notes, many abused women will not leave an abuses spouse or boyfriend for fear he will harm a pet.

So the Great Dane and the Rose Brooks Center get Pack of Justice and Pack of Compassion awards.

This story proves pets are family members and “worth” more than mere possessions

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Earlier today, I blogged about a Texas appeals-court ruling, giving pets greater legal standing than physical possessions. The story below, about a dog saving his guardian’s life, offers a good bit of proof that the Texas court’s ruling is proper, moral, compassionate and legal.

Our pets are part of the family. And the great part about this story, it also backs up the claim I and so many others have made so many times – rescued pets are the greatest. out of Indianapolis reports just before Christmas John Green was having a heart attack and was not able to alert his sleeping father in an another room. His dog Queen Sheba realized something was wrong, went into the father’s room and licked his face to wake him up.

Green was transported to the hospital just in time to save his life.

The family adopted Queen Sheba in September from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. Maybe we can say they’re even. They saved each other lives.

Animals are so much more than some in our society want to give them credit for. People who are out to exploit animals refuse to understand this. Let’s give the Texas 2nd Court of Appeals a Pack of Justice Award.

Off Topic (kinda): Montana Supreme Court earns a Pack of Justice Award

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The Montana Supreme Court has upheld a long-time ban on corporate spending in state and local political campaigns – putting this court directly across the legal boxing ring from the US Supreme Court and its horrible Citizens United ruling.

I don’t know anything about this state Supreme Court, other than this news. But for this decision they more than deserve a Pack of Justice Award.

The Citizens United ruling by the US court was one of the worst of all time. Those great words in the preamble to the Constitution read – “We the people” – not “We the corporations.”

We’re already seeing the horrible results in the Republican presidenti­al race. The Republican candidates without Super PACs to back them are playing against a stacked deck.
How does all this relate to animals? – BIG MONEY donations can certainly impact the environment and wildlife, if polluting corporations are able have an even greater hand in buying new legislation or in basically bribing elected officials to weaken or drop environmental regulations or drop protections for wildlife or wildlife habitat.
Hurray for the Montana Supreme Court.

AM News Pack: Topics – Ferret mills, elephants, tethering

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ONE – Every time I go into a pet-supply store and see guinea pigs, rabbits or ferrets, I wonder about the supplier of those animals. Do any of these facilities compare to puppy mills?

Well … predictably, I don’t have good news in this area. The Associated Press is reporting on a ferret breeding facility in Pennsylvania, where “an undercover investigator found hundreds of ill, injured and neglected animals living in inhumane and unsanitary conditions.”

TWOA LA Times editorial is calling for an end to elephant rides at the Los Angeles County Fair. The Humane Society of the US supports this call for a ban.

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Legislative update – abuse, gas chambers and dog fighting

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Beckham’s Act is one of a trio of bills introduced recently in the Alabama legislature – and no, it has nothing to do with soccer.

Beckham’s Act would ban the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals in the state. Beckham is a dog that survived a gas chamber in Cullman County. He was placed in the chamber with a number of other dogs, lived through the horrible process and now lives with a family in Maine.

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