Pack Topics: Animal cruelty; Dog Auctions; Paul McCartney against cosmetic testing on animals

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Kitten buried in concrete: A kitten discovered buried alive in concrete and inside a pipe died days after being rescued back in May. Law enforcement officials in Arizona are investing the case.

There are some strange allegations flying in the case, according to an article on the Star Tribune website. But the bottom line is this – the person or persons responsible need to spend a long time in prison.

Dog auctions in Ohio back in the news: Thankfully, some great people are working hard to enact a law to ban dog auctions. But the practice continues, in part due to the puppy mill practices of the Amish. WFMY News reported this week on a recent auction in Millersburg, Ohio.

Two dogs recently purchased by animal-welfare activists were found to have medical problems – from a degenerative disc and broken bones for one and an ear infection, major tooth decay and skin lesions for the other.

Paul McCartney supports Be Cruelty-Free campaign: The music icon is everyone to get behind the Humane Society International/India’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign. The mission is to end animal testing on cosmetic products – worldwide.