Hero dog; hero soldier

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Lilly the hero pit bull is back at home: Lilly, the dog who pulled her collapsed guardian off a train track earlier this month in Massachusetts, is back home and recovering from her injuries.

And it is important to note that Lilly is a dog rescued from a local shelter. This offers another piece of the ever-growing mountain of evidence that rescued dogs are the greatest ‘breed’ of dog on the planet.

Petside.com reports – “” Her front right leg was amputated and she went through surgery to fix her pelvis and a badly injured left hind leg. The doctors implanted steel plates to repair Lilly’s fractured pelvis and support her left leg. “”

America soldier reunited with Afghan dog he rescued: A U.S. staff sergeant serving in Afghanistan rescued a dog from a fighting ring and has now been reunited with Bodhi back in the United States.

And the New York Daily News also reports this bit of very positive news:

“” A spokeswoman for The Puppy Rescue Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to helping soldiers save puppies from war zones, said that more and more soldiers have called for their help in bringing home man’s best friend.

She said the group has rescued 300 dogs since the mission began in April of 2010, and gets around three to five requests per week. “”

Video: Dogs rescued from Michael Vick are a greater success story than Vick

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While sports commentators praise Michael Vicks’ successful return to football, they too often forget about the dogs he tortured for so long.
I’m not one to pile on – to use a football term – but since these commentators are stuck on praising Vick, I feel the need to report on the heroes of the story.

This PBS video is worth every minute of the viewing –

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

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Video: It’s not the pitbulls who are the bad people

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I can best describe this video by paraphrasing the well-known phrase – “There are no bad dogs – just bad people who do bad things to the dogs.”

Pitbulls have indeed been given a bad rap. Put the people in prison who raise these dogs in horrible ways – for fighting and similarly bad intentions – and the problem goes away.

Free the dogs and lock up the evil.