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Dad makes stunningly-inaccurate statement, in defending his trophy-hunting daughter

The Texas Tech cheerleader who drew a lot of attention recently after posing with animals she had killed on big-game trophy hunts, appeared recently at an outdoors show. Recall that supporters of the woman used the excuses that killing endangered animals somehow helps to protect them. I guess if there isn’t a reasonable excuse for […]

Propaganda Alert: Killing to preserve endangered species?

I am sick of reading quotes from trophy hunters who claim they are killing endangered species to save endangered species. And sometimes these people claim they’ve killed an endangered species to feed the starving people in the particular local region. This is PROPAGANDA of the worst sort. If anyone with the expendable income to travel […]

IFAW praises New York bill to ban sale of elephant ivory and rhino horn

The International Fund for Animal Welfare submitted the following press release concerning a bill in New York to ban the sale of ivory and rhino horn: “” “” IFAW Statement on New York Ivory Ban: We Love New York Washington, D.C. (June 23, 2014) – Jeffrey Flocken, North American Regional Director, International Fund for Animal […]

Horrible, evil, sick people are killing elephants

Among the planet’s most evil elements are those who are killing endangered elephants and rhinos for their horns and tusks. I will never understand what goes through the minds of people who can torture innocent people and animals – sometimes for nothing more than a motive for profit. There most certainly is a special, incredibly […]

Baby rhino suffering emotionally after mother killed by poachers

A baby rhino rescued after evil poachers killed his mother, is suffering through some emotional problems. The degenerates who are killing rhinos to support their evil profit motives are some of the worst of the Earth’s worst. They would gladly wipe a species of animal off the face of the Earth for profit. Updates on […]

Hall of Fame drummer drums up support for ivory ban

I just received the following release from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW): “” “” Matt Sorum Drums Up Musicians’ Support for U.S. Ivory Ban (Washington, D.C. – June 4, 2014) – Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, legendary Grammy Award-winning drummer of Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult and Kings of […]

Smithsonian Video: Young Rhino recovering after being shot by poachers

This video is from 2010, but I just received it in an email today. And it is very much worth sharing, as brutally evil poachers are trying to wipe rhinos off the face of the Earth – in the name of GREED. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Clueless commentary misrepresents the animal-welfare movement

Once again, we find someone trying to justify the abuse of animals – as somehow something that should be protected as freedom. An individual named Michael Rubin produced an editorial for Commentary Magazine, which was posted on March 19 under the headline – “Are Animal-Rights Activists Really Concerned About Animals?” The writer jumps into two […]

Technology being used to stop poachers

Wildlife poachers – particularly those who are killing endangered species – are some of the most evil and greed-filled people on the planet. Without an increased level of intervention, a number of incredible animal species will wiped off the face of the Earth. But thankfully, modern technology is now being used to fight poaching – […]

“Battleground: Rhino Wars” premiers tonight on Animal Planet

The three-part miniseries – “Battleground: Rhino Wars” premiers tonight (9 p.m. March 7) on the Animal Planet cable network. Four courageous veterans of the U.S. Special Forces have joined the fight to save rhinos from the evil poachers who are killing them at an alarming rate for their horns. These great animals will soon be […]