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Predictions that environmental rules would devastate coal plant were completely wrong

When it was announced three years ago that a coal-fire power plant in Pennsylvania would have to reduce its output of pollution into the air, the anti-environment crowd and operators of the plant cried that there would be horrible consequences. None of it happened; the predictions were wrong and now we have more proof that […]

Wacky Mentality Quote of the Day

A member of the Washington State House of Representatives reportedly has stated bicyclists create more pollution than motorists. Yes, this appears to be a true story. But I hope it is not. A RawStory.com article reports State Rep. Ed Orcutt tried to tie a bicyclist’s increased rate of respiration with increased pollution. When contacted by […]

Climate change debate needs to expand

Finally, near the end of the 2012 Presidential campaign, the issue of climate change was discussed in the media. Hurricane Sandy forced it into the news cycle, along with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s endorsement of President Obama. I have to once again note that we need more discussion about the causes. The debate too […]

Birds ingesting alarming amount of plastic along west-coast shorelines

The Canadian Press is reporting on a story that highlights the horrible rate at which irresponsible people are polluting the Earth’s oceans. Necropsies of deceased birds are finding their stomachs are full of pieces of plastic. Once again, as is the case with the extreme level of homelessness in cats and dogs, irresponsible people are […]

Fracking chemicals found in aquifer in drilling region of Wyoming

Surprise – Surprise – Fracking chemicals have been detected, in a big way, in the aquifer for the town of Pavillion, Wyo. But wait. The TV ads (propaganda) out of Exxon claim it’s all safe and wonderful to drill for natural gas. The drilling sites are contained and there’s no way the groundwater is polluted […]

Jobs, yes – but at what cost?

Big Oil and Big Coal have taken to spreading some really expensive and extensive propaganda that translates to – ‘let us pollute, destroy nature and wipe out wildlife populations as we see fit, because we supply jobs.’ We need the jobs and certainly the country needs far more jobs. But why can’t our great country, […]

The EPA serves a vital role in protecting humans and animals

The Environmental Protection Agency was founded in 1970, under a proposal from President Richard Nixon. In the past, the EPA has garnered support from all around the political spectrum. But of late, we’ve seen a handful of politicians suggesting the EPA should lose much of its regulatory bite. At least one has suggested a moratorium […]

Video Trailer: “The Last Mountain”

The Appalachian Mountains are being literally blown up to get to the coal under the surface. An important documentary film brings to light the horrible practice of mountaintop mining – “The Last Mountain.” Robert Kennedy, Jr. has joined in the effort to try to stop the coal companies from destroying the environment, along with the […]

BP’s Gulf Oil Gusher continues it wide range of damage

The domino effect of last year’s BP Gulf Oil Gusher continues. Turtles are dying. Dolphins are dying. And the coverup goes on. But another aspect to the disaster was highlighted last week by WWLTV.com. The number of pets turned in to shelters skyrocketed last year. At the Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society, the number went from […]

Fracking for natural gas – another source of pollution from the greedy

I know the nation needs energy. I know our population continues to grow, so that appetite for energy is only getting bigger. But why can’t we – in this advanced age of technology – come up with clearer sources of power that don’t devastate wildlife populations, pollute the water and air and harm families in […]