Pack Line Headlines: Puppy mills; greyhound racing; animal cruelty

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New York dog-breeding facility worries local residents: Residents in Gorham, NY are speaking out about the possible opening of a new dog breeding facility they rightfully worry could be a puppy mill.

Global Animal reports the breeder moved the operation after being cited for animal abuse violations in Seneca County. The owner needs another permit before officially opening. Hopefully, that permit will be denied, because the story indicates the breeder was charged by the USDA with failing to provide veterinary care.

The USDA report also noted – β€œit does not appear that the facility has enough employees to carry out an acceptable level of husbandry for these animals. This needs to be addressed for the welfare of the animals.”

Violations came between November 23, 2010 and January 5, 2011. So why was this breeder allowed to stay open for that long and why have they been allowed to even get this far in the process of moving to another location?

The Gorham Planning Board unanimously granted the breeder a special use permit to build the facility, for 200 to 600 dogs. It’s unbelievable.

More info on puppy van story: I posted Thursday about a van stopped in Illinois carrying dozens of puppies bound for pet stores. I found a follow-up piece today on that offers more information.

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