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AKC on the wrong side of the puppy mill debate – in a huge way

The American Kennel Club continues to stand on the wrong side of the push to shut down puppy mills. The last straw is the movement in my home state of North Carolina, where HB930 made through a full vote in the state House by a huge margin. But the bill is currently stalled in the […]

AKC continues to oppose puppy-mill regulations

I read an interesting article from WCNC out of Charlotte, NC – back in late February that I saved to soak in and then comment on later. The headline was – “AKC leads lobbying against NC’s puppy mill law.” The proposed law is in the form of House Bill 930, which is currently held up […]

Minnesota could improve regulations on dog breeders

The Minnesota state legislature could vote this month on a bill to regulation dog breeding in the state and offer a better means to uncover puppy mill breeders. The MyFox9.com article posted March 28 does start out with a somewhat unsupported statement – “Most dog and cat breeders in the state of Minnesota play by […]

Legislation Update: Greyhound racing, puppy mills and animal cruelty

There has been some positive movement around the map of late, on greyhound racing to animal-cruelty laws. South Dakota finally joined the ranks of the states with felony animal cruelty laws, becoming the 50th state to enact more serious punishment for severe acts of cruelty to animals. Thanks to the recent passage of SB 46, […]

Wellington, Fla. bans dog and cat sales in stores

Another community has banned the sale of dogs and cats in stores. We really need this trend to spread much faster, to every state in the nation. No stores in Wellington, Fla. reportedly sell dogs or cats at this time, but the city council chose to act proactively this week to ban the practice. There […]

Legislation to ban shelter gas chambers and a proposed ban on in-store pet sales

Two important bills are in the works in Michigan and Virginia and we can only hope the movement spreads. In Michigan, the legislation could shut down gas chambers at animals shelters. It is a cruel practice that does not take into account the emotional and physical pain the animals suffer. While it is a tragedy […]

Breaking News: Gov. Cuomo signs New York puppy mill bill

New York has new regulations to combat puppy mills, after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law on Friday. The primary factors in the law are the ability for local municipalities to regulate breeders and enact stronger regulations. A Capital Confidential blog post on the Times Union website includes a statement from the ASPCA. […]

Video: A look into online puppy sales

A reader, Twitter friend and fellow animal-welfare advocate has requested that I post information about the organization, Purebred Breeders. It took a few seconds to find the following video from HSUS – from December of 2011. Back on December 7, 2011, the Today Show featured a segment about Purebred Breeders, which reportedly covers almost 800 […]

Another buyer of a pet-store puppy (hopefully) learns a lesson

Sadly, even in the information age we live in, some folks are still uninformed when it comes to important issues such as animal welfare. Over and over again, we’re reading stories about people who purchased a puppy from a store, only to either have the dog die soon after or suffer through a health crisis. […]

Another puppy mill operator gets off easy

Through a recent plea bargain, a North Dakota puppy mill operator walked away with a sentence from a local judge that is more a pat on the back than punishment. Oddly enough, this week’s Inforum article noted the prosecutor in the case claimed the breeder’s “behavior did not appear to be a deliberately-inflicted form of […]