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Puppy Mills

Editorial suggests the US needs to expand sources for puppies

I received the link today on the Pack News Wire to an editorial that ran Monday on the DVM360 website. I was so stunned that I had to read over it several times. The writer, Mark Cushing, JD of the Animal Policy Group is suggesting an expanding US market for dogs needs to look overseas […]

Can’t we pull back the curtain on the real anti-animal welfare agenda?

Here we go again – to a ramped-up degree. Those who want to protect puppy mill operations and factory farming are out to pass a Constitutional amendment in Missouri to shut down new measures to protect animals from abuse and neglect. But the folks backing the amendment are couching it as a movement to defending […]

A wacky claim that bans on selling dogs in pet stores is unconstitutional

A pet store in East Providence, RI is challenging the city’s ban on selling dogs in stores as unconstitutional, as reported Wednesday on the Courthouse News Service website. The store is pointing to the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution and equal protection. Equal protection? What about protection from suffering for dogs housed in puppy […]

No Surprise – Petland CEO doesn’t like bans on puppy sales in stores

There is a lot to pick on in this story. The CEO of Petland – a company well-known for selling puppies – doesn’t want to see bans on the sales on puppies in stores. The city ordinances in question are designed to shut down the sale of puppy mill dogs. Joe Watson claims only two […]

AKC continues to fight against improved protections for puppy mill dogs

The American Kennel Club continues to make statements that have no basis in logical thought or in facts – where breeding regulations are concerned. One of the AKC’s primary arguments centers on the false premise that minimum standards of care and/or inspections will hurt  breeders. But here’s the clinching argument: Good, quality breeders already meet […]

Puppy mill deniers keep getting it wrong

Read most any article about proposed anti-puppy mill legislation and underneath you will most likely find comments from those opposed to improved protections for animals. Or the letters to the editor section will feature this sort of drivel or you can find it on some organization’s website. Of late, those fighting against better regulations are […]

Minnesota’s important new puppy mill regulations begin July 1

As of July 1, all commercial breeding operations within the state of Minnesota will be required to obtain a license and will be subjected to annual inspections. Inspections are a key element that all states should enact. As long as breeding facilities meet minimum standards of care, they will have nothing to fear. Quality breeding […]

The AKC’s Catch-22 opposition to the NC puppy mill bill

We’ve read where the American Kennel Club is opposed legislation such as House Bill 930 in North Carolina because the group opposes setting a base number for how many dogs a breeder needs to have to be covered under these proposed anti-puppy mill laws. The AKC has also expressed concerned that all dogs need to […]

One major problem with several proposed bans on puppy sales in stores

I am very pleased to see a number of recent articles concerning cities, towns and even states considering bans on the sale of puppies in retail stores. This trend needs to spread everywhere. But in nearly all of the articles I’ve seen on this issue, one important section of the proposals could lead to major […]

AKC on the wrong side of the puppy mill debate – in a huge way

The American Kennel Club continues to stand on the wrong side of the push to shut down puppy mills. The last straw is the movement in my home state of North Carolina, where HB930 made through a full vote in the state House by a huge margin. But the bill is currently stalled in the […]