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Puppy Mills

No logic coming from those who oppose puppy mill regulations

I’m gonna keep hammering away at this, because every time I read about those opposing breeding regulations in states across the map, the same, tired, twisted mess keeps sinking to the bottom of the debate pond. So let’s review the basic proposals and specific regulations – with the key follow-up question – WHO COULD BE […]

How is it possible that a few state senators blocked puppy mill legislation in NC?

We should not have state or federal legislative systems where a few elected officials with an ax to grind or a special-interest group to support can block extremely reasonable legislation that has the overwhelming support of the public. Despite what some members of the US Supreme Court would have us falsely believe, people have the […]

PackRant: To those who oppose puppy mill regulations – go ahead, read this, I dare ya

There are a ton of issues swirling around the political oceans, from jobs to health care, from Supreme Court decisions to climate chance and much more. Often enough, some of the arguments are completely off the charts within particularly debates. But none of the arguments I’ve seen over the last few decades for any issue […]

NC Senate blocks puppy mill regulations at the 1-yard line

With the short session of the North General Assembly winding down this week, key members of the state Senate and House were debating a number of contentious provisions in the proposed budget bill. Teacher pay and Medicaid and film-industry incentives were all up for debate and were the main areas of focus for the media. […]

Editorial suggests the US needs to expand sources for puppies

I received the link today on the Pack News Wire to an editorial that ran Monday on the DVM360 website. I was so stunned that I had to read over it several times. The writer, Mark Cushing, JD of the Animal Policy Group is suggesting an expanding US market for dogs needs to look overseas […]

Can’t we pull back the curtain on the real anti-animal welfare agenda?

Here we go again – to a ramped-up degree. Those who want to protect puppy mill operations and factory farming are out to pass a Constitutional amendment in Missouri to shut down new measures to protect animals from abuse and neglect. But the folks backing the amendment are couching it as a movement to defending […]

A wacky claim that bans on selling dogs in pet stores is unconstitutional

A pet store in East Providence, RI is challenging the city’s ban on selling dogs in stores as unconstitutional, as reported Wednesday on the Courthouse News Service website. The store is pointing to the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution and equal protection. Equal protection? What about protection from suffering for dogs housed in puppy […]

No Surprise – Petland CEO doesn’t like bans on puppy sales in stores

There is a lot to pick on in this story. The CEO of Petland – a company well-known for selling puppies – doesn’t want to see bans on the sales on puppies in stores. The city ordinances in question are designed to shut down the sale of puppy mill dogs. Joe Watson claims only two […]

AKC continues to fight against improved protections for puppy mill dogs

The American Kennel Club continues to make statements that have no basis in logical thought or in facts – where breeding regulations are concerned. One of the AKC’s primary arguments centers on the false premise that minimum standards of care and/or inspections will hurt  breeders. But here’s the clinching argument: Good, quality breeders already meet […]

Puppy mill deniers keep getting it wrong

Read most any article about proposed anti-puppy mill legislation and underneath you will most likely find comments from those opposed to improved protections for animals. Or the letters to the editor section will feature this sort of drivel or you can find it on some organization’s website. Of late, those fighting against better regulations are […]