Dog spinning is one of the lesser-known acts performed by idiots

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I try to avoid labels and name-calling in debating animal-welfare issues. But there are acts of cruelty, neglect and general clueless behavior that deserve anything we can throw out.

Dog fighting and poaching and bear bile farms and any other cruel examples we can come up with, fall under this category. And I ran across another one this week – dog spinning in Bulgaria.

A group of extremely uneducated and barbaric individuals gather every spring to torture dogs – in an idiotic effort to ward off rabies. This is what can happen when a society doesn’t put enough emphasis on science education.

It seems that the practice of dog spinning was banned several years ago. But these people in at least one town in the country – with less brain function than can be found in a slug – won’t stop the cruelty.

They spin dogs, tied with ropes, over a river or stream and then watch as the terrified dogs fall into the water. Try vaccinations, you idiots. This is 2014, not 1514.

Most likely, however, this is merely an excuse for these people to have fun torturing animals.


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