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Major paper company agrees to halt destruction of natural forests in Indonesia

Asia Pulp & Paper Group, called one of the largest paper producers in the world, has agreed to stop its suppliers from cutting down natural forests in Indonesia, as reported by the Associated Press. This is being hailed as an important step in protecting vital habitat for endangered animals such as orangutans and Sumatran tigers. […]

Interesting comment on TV this morning

I happened to walk past the TV today as one of the morning news shows was playing a segment on a legal subject. I’m not sure about the specific topic of discussion, other than it was a legal matter. (I didn’t have time to stop and watch the entire segment.) But one phrase caught my […]

Deforestation in the Amazon increasing at alarming rate

This an extremely important story that will sadly get little attention in the cloud that is the national media. A significant increase in the level of deforestation is being witnessed in the Amazon rainforests in Brazil – as reported on the Huffington Post website. Some Brazilian farmers are calling for a weakening of environmental laws […]