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Videos show dogs trying to revive friends

I received a link today to a video showing a dog trying to revive his friend, who had been struck and killed on a highway. (I won’t post the video here, as it is too emotional.) I noticed a few other videos on the YouTube page with the same theme and the thoughts that this […]

Injured dog shot and killed at NC animal shelter

An injured basset hound was recently shot and killed at the Franklin County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. WRAL quoted Sheriff Jerry Jones as saying, “The animal director decided to shoot the dog at the kennel at the animal shelter instead of waiting for someone to euthanize it medically.” The report indicates the basset hound […]

Video: Dog invents his own game of water fetch

Can’t tell me dogs do not possess self-awareness. This video offers more evidence. The dog has invented a unique way to play water fetch by himself. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Time to ban shelter gas chambers nationwide

Gas chambers are true chambers of horror for shelter animals. The group Take Action is working to end the horrible practice. It has produced the map below to show where gas chambers are in use or have been banned or are at least are not being used at this time. They have a Causes page […]

Video: Important studies on canine cognition

Studies have been going on for years at Duke University – in researching dog cognition. Our pets are connected to us a special level and animals such as dogs and cats do truly possess self-awareness and individual states of consciousness. PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Pod of sperm whales adopt a deformed bottlenose dolphin

A scientist witnessed and photographed a fantastic occurrence back in 2011, one reported on the MailOnline.com website out of the UK. Over a period of several days, a pod of sperm whales adopted a deformed bottlenose dolphin. The dolphin and the whales rubbed against each other and exchanged acts of affection. The scientists believe the […]

Building on the Tweet Machine

Of late, I’ve been trying to increase my activity on Twitter. I’m not a social media pro by any stretch, but the effort is underway. I think it’s a great way to get out more animal-welfare news. So beyond the links to blog posts, I’m linking to other stories and news on my Twitter account. […]

Research test offers more proof of self-awareness and a sense of fairness in animals

The ever-growing, hugely-extensive mountain of evidence that animals have a state of consciousness and self-awareness gains another important bit of proof in this video. Capuchin monkeys were trained to give a researcher a pebble and in return they would receive a slice of cucumber. The monkeys clearly like grapes much better. So when one began […]

Dog tries twice to visit his guardian at hospital

A husky twice recently escaped his yard and attempted to visit his guardian in a nearby hospital. And some people might try to tell us dogs don’t have self-awareness. A story posted Thursday on the Opposing Views website tells Zander’s story. A family member was hospitalized with a skin condition about two miles from Zander’s […]

Video: Little pig rescues baby goat

The anti-animal folks need to watch this one. Animals do indeed have self-awareness and the power to make decisions and act to help others – even those of different species. We’ve seen stories where dogs or other animals saved humans and then we see something like this -