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Shark Finning

Pack Line Headlines: New Zealand hens freed, shark conservation and Bird Day

New Zealand Bans Battery Cages – The New Zealand Herald reports over 80 million hens have been freed from battery cages in the country thanks to new animal-welfare legislation. Top Shark Stories of 2011 – Southern Fried Science has posted a list of the Top 10 Shark Conservation Stories of 2011. The highlights include the […]

AM News Pack: Topics – Animals helping people, horse slaughter, shark finning

ONE – Leeches helping people. A portion of the face of a woman in Sweden was re-attached and doctors used leeches in the healing process. Her dog had bitten of the section. From The Local website out of Sweden – “” A total of 358 leeches were used in the operation which, with their incessant […]

PM News Pack: animal cruelty cases, protesting dog racing and shark fishing ban

A quick review of some stories in the news this week – A Michigan State University medical school student has been accused of killing 13 Italian greyhounds – out of frustration, according to the Lansing State Journal. The Bahamas has become the fourth country to ban commercial shark fishing. Change.org reports the movement to enact […]

AM News Pack – Factory farm cruelty and a possible ban on shark fins

The animal-welfare group Mercy for Animals is presenting undercover video of alleged cruel acts on a factory farm to grocery store chains, in an effort to sway them away from purchasing produces from facilities that engage in cruelty. The Star Tribune reports the group sent videos or met with officials early this week from Costco, […]

PM News Pack – shark finning, New Mexico anti-cruelty bill

The New York Times ran a story on March 5 concerning recently introduced bill in California to ban the sale and possession of shark fins and the serving of shark fin soup. Sharks are brutally killed for their fins, as they are caught, have their fins cut off and are then released to die a […]