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Legislative news out of Alabama and Texas

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported last week on a proposal to require most Waco, Texas pet guardians to have their pets spay or neutered and microchipped. The proposal came from the city’s Animal Welfare Advisory Board. The article states: The proposal would prohibit keeping or selling intact animals unless the owner is registered with the city […]

Pack Topics: Spay/Neuter and Rescue

The link to a very good column crossed the Pack News Wire this morning, concerning the topic of spay/neuter. From what I can gather from the site, Shela Boynton writes a regular column known as “Speaking for the Animals” for the Idyllwild Town Crier out of California. In this particular piece, Boynton challenges the most […]

Best Friends video promotes fixing at 4 months old

Best Friends has produced a great video to promote spaying and neutering.

Pack Topics: Homeless pure-bred dogs; and teaching kids compassion

The Go San Angelo website featured a great editorial last week by Jenie Wilson, under the headline – “Teach children pets are living beings not to be cruelly discarded.” Wilson is the executive director of Concho Valley PAWS group. Wilson encourages animal lovers to get involved with local rescue groups, promote spay/neuter and adds, “The […]

HBO documentary “One Nation Under Dog” premiers June 18

A new HBO documentary “One Nation Under Dog: Stories of Fear, Loss & Betrayal” is scheduled to premier at 9 p.m. June 18. According to the synopsis on HBO.com/documentaries, the three segments within the show will be: Part One – Fear, Part Two – Loss and Part Three – Betrayal. The write-up suggests this will […]

Just a quick thought on birth control

We all know the responsible thing to do is spay and neuter when it comes to our cats and dogs. In this regard, birth control is the responsible way to go. But weren’t all of us baby boomers taught by our parents that being careful as human adults was the responsible thing to do? Weren’t […]

Pack Line Headlines: Puppy mill rescue, animal welfare, exposing factory farming, homelessness

Dozen of dogs removed from puppy mill: A customer reported an online breeder in Illinois which led to the pulling of 12 of the 41 dogs there on Monday. The Aledo Times Record reports all of them had ear infection, some had periodontal disease two of suffered from rotting skin. Hopefully, we will continue to […]

Pack Lines Headlines: Animal welfare, budget cuts, puppy mill petition

IFAW – Within the animal welfare movement, reasons for hope: An editorial ran Dec. 23 with this headline on the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s website. The piece reflects on areas of success such as the European Union ban on seal products and an increase in the survival rate for stranded marine mammals on Cape […]

PETA’s petition on White House website calls for mandatory spay-and-neuter law

The White House has a new “We the People” website, where people or groups can create petitions. PETA has joined forces with renowned animal advocate Bob Barker on the “Stop Animal Homelessness at Its Roots” petition. It was one of the first to reach the 5,000-signature threshold, meaning it is in line to be reviewed […]

Actor Eric Roberts promoting new sterilization method for dogs worldwide

Actor Eric Roberts appeared earlier this year on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, discussing the topic of sterilization of dogs. He is promoting the development of a chemical method of sterilization – in pill form – and he is working with the group 600Million.org. Other groups, I’m told, have been working in this area and have […]