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Delaware and Massachusetts strengthen animal welfare laws

The weekend went pretty well for domestic animals in Massachusetts and Delaware, as the states’ governors signed into law new protections for pets. In Massachusetts on Thursday, Governor Deval Patrick signed “An Act Further Regulating Animal Control” into law. The legislation sets up a fund for homeless animals, institutes new rules that allow pets to […]

Legal Stuff: Anti-tethering bill; man ordered to pay for care of seized dogs

In Delaware, the state’s Senate has voted to ban the practice of tethering dogs for for 18 hours or more within any 24-hour period. If passed, the would also prohibit tethering for dogs under 4 months old for any period of time and would ban the practice for nursing moms in the presence of their […]

Pack Line Headlines: The animal-welfare movement, animal welfare plan in the EU, puppy mills, tethering bans

Important quote from Wayne Pacelle: I found a letter by HSUS president Wayne Pacelle posted on MLive.com. The final paragraph led with this: “The animal welfare movement is strong and growing. It represents mainstream values. Although there is no official registry, an estimated 20,000 organizations are engaged in the important work of safeguarding animals, …” […]

AM News Pack: Topics – Ferret mills, elephants, tethering

ONE – Every time I go into a pet-supply store and see guinea pigs, rabbits or ferrets, I wonder about the supplier of those animals. Do any of these facilities compare to puppy mills? Well … predictably, I don’t have good news in this area. The Associated Press is reporting on a ferret breeding facility […]

Video: Report on proposed anti-tethering ordinance in Forsyth County, NC

Fox 8 out of the Triad area of North Carolina offers this report on the discussion concerning a proposed anti-tethering ordinance that took place at a recent county commission meeting in Forsyth County, NC.   Thankfully, more communities across the country are considering regulations on the tethering of dogs. Many, such as my home county, […]

Florida county regulates tethering and caging of dogs

Florida’s Palm Beach County gets a Pack of Compassion Award for enacting an anti-tethering ordinance and for regulating the size of outdoor enclosures for dogs. The new regulations went into effect Friday. Dogs can only be tethered when supervised and at shows. Cages must be at least 80 square feet and the temperatures inside the […]

Animated Video: Rescuing a chained dog

This video is from Ashley Owen Hill Animal Rescue and depicts a rescuer trying to urge an individual who has chained their dog in their yard to turn it over to them. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It’s a little on the strange side but affective in getting across the message that tethering […]

AM Pack of News: Topics – animal cruelty and chaining

Gotta get back at it here on the blog and on the book, which I still hope to wrap up no later than by year’s end. My other writing gigs have me jumping through hoops of late. So let’s catch up today on a number of topics – starting with a pack of stories on […]