Coming Soon: The Mentality Pack

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In an effort to bring some variety to the Pack Mentality Blog, I will be introducing soon a new, regular feature – The Mentality Pack.

This cartoon series will feature new characters and a somewhat more lighthearted slant to highlighting animal-welfare topics. I will still keep hammering away at the evils of the world, but I think it doesn’t have to be all negative all the time.

I’ll be up front in admitting I’m no skilled artist. I’ve done a little drawing over the years, but it’s nothing a 4-year-old Van Gogh would be impressed with. Hopefully I will improve with each passing episode. And hopefully, the topics will be more entertaining and informative than the artwork.


New Feature – The Mentality Pack

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This should be interesting.

I’m introducing a new regular feature on the blog – The Mentality Pack. It’s a cartoon series that will venture from humorous (I hope anyway) to thoughtful to seriously topical.

I’m creating the images on my iPad. Note this fact, along with my initial lack of artistic ability, and we should get a work in progress – hopefully an ever-improving work in progress.

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