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Happy Holidays from the Pack Mentality Blog

  Warm wishes for the Holiday Season from all of the critters at the Pack Mentality Blog PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Paralyzed dog learns to walk again – incredible story

This is such a great video: PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and Logic

Pack News Wire: The good, the bad and the ugly

The last week of news has featured some real ugliness and evil and clueless behavior, mixed in with some touching stories of compassion. Lets start with clueless, mixed with ugly. New York plea bargain lets animal abuser off the hook A man in Nichols, NY was offered a plea deal last week, after being charged […]

Georgia animal shelter filled with homeless pets and too many are dying

A Georgia animal shelter is overwhelmed with homeless pets and many have and will lose their lives if people don’t wake up in the community. One county spokesperson interviewed in the report is right when she says this is not an animal problem. It is clearly a people problem. But when will the people causing […]

And some say humans are across the board smarter than animals?

Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent beings on the planet. But on a fairly regular basis, we see examples of individuals or groups who don’t have the cognitive ability of a slug – much less a higher-order animal. Today’s example – a Florida man facing multiple charges after being clocked driving 127 miles […]

More animal and environmental-related tidbits on Twitter and Facebook

Don’t forget – I often post extras concerning animals and environmental-related news on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. So look for more information every day on the site of your choice. There’s a lot going on every day on the animal-welfare front and in environmental news.   PACK MENTALITY BLOG: Compassion – teamed with Science and […]

Just saw a great bumber sticker …

We all probably run across amusing or otherwise interesting bumper stickers on a regular basis. But occasionally one really hits a home run. My wife and I just saw a great bumper sticker on the way home from a dinner out – “Critical Thinking: The Other National Deficit.” Gotta order that one right away.

Trailer: Big Miracle

This move is definitely on my must-see list. Big Miracle is the true story of a family of whales trapped under a growing area of ocean ice and the community that came together to save them. It is always fantastic to see acts of compassion as a major theme of any movie, especially in a […]

Animation: Duck hunter shot by his dog

Next Media produced this animated reenactment of a duck hunter being accidentally shot by his dog.    

Video: Dog is really grateful after officer frees his leg from a fence

This video is bouncy, because it is taken from a police officer’s body-cam. But it’s very-much worth watching to the end. The officer was called the scene where a dog had apparently tried to jump over a fence and got his foot caught near the top. He was hanging by one leg. What happens after […]