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Ag-gag laws hide those with something to hide

If some states want to ban undercover video within the walls of factory farms, then replace it with something better. If abusers don’t want to be subjected to cameras operated by animal-welfare activists, then let’s put the cameras in the hands of inspectors – with a live feed – so that we can all see […]

HSUS: Nine employees at Wyoming factory farm charged with animal cruelty

The Humane Society of the US is reporting nine employees at Wyoming Premium Farms, including the assistant manager, are facing counts of animal cruelty. It has happened again and we don’t know just how widespread this level of cruelty on factory farms across the board really is. I suspect we are seeing the tip of […]

Undercover investigation uncovers abuse at pet-breeding facility

There can a dark underbelly to the pet-breeding trade. Consumers are taking an awful risks when they purchase any animal from a store. They are not aware of where that animal came from, and like dogs, they very well might have parents who are suffering every day back at the mill. PETA reports it captured […]

Pack Topics: Factory farming and undercover video

I found an interesting opinion piece by Baylen Linnekin on the website Reason.com concerning the topic of undercover video on factory farms. (I know very little about this website and did not take the time to find out more about its leanings.) The editorial seems balanced, noting the conflict between property rights and privacy on […]

Pack Topic: Ferret mills

There are puppy mills and kitten mills; unfortunate but true. And there are mills of all sorts for other pets in the pet trade, including ferrets. The mass “production” of pets is a real problem, but too many people walk into pet stores without considering where the animals come from. Triple F Farms in Sayre, […]

Abuse uncovered in training of Tennessee Walking Horses

A leading trainer of Tennessee Walking Horses – those who compete in high-stepping competitions – faces a federal grand jury indictment, as reported by ABC News. Keith Dane of the Humane Society of the United States is quoted by ABC News as saying, “All too often, you have to cheat to win in this sport.” […]

The battle against animal welfare

As the movement grows to protect animals from cruelty, the push back against proposals for animal welfare regulations seems to be growing as well. I’ve got a couple of links below to highlight the effort to hide or protect those engaged in cruel acts. But first up today, I introduce a new award – the […]

Two stories – Two examples of uncaring acts

An artist in Florida has been sentenced to 20 months in prison for illegally trafficking endangered and protected wildlife and turning the body parts into odd pieces of art (so-called art). NBC Miami reports he searched for the animals online and some were alive before being killed and shipped to him. In a quote, he tried […]

The movement to hide animal cruelty on factory farms

More articles and editorials are streaming into the Pack News Wire every day on this topic of banning undercover video that exposes animal cruelty on factory farms. A number of state legislatures have taken steps to criminalize the act of photographing or shooting animal-cruelty video on farms. In Utah, Rep. John Mathis has sponsored a […]

Pack Line Headlines: puppy mill raid; dog fighting raid; undercover video bans

Raid on puppy mill frees 88 animals: A woman in Sac County, Iowa faces 93 counts of animal neglect after 88 animals were taken from her home back on January 25. The Pilot Tribune reports “” … five dead puppies in crates on the farm, and live animals crammed up to five per cage, reportedly […]