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Wacky Mentality: In NZ, claim made that clubing seals does not cause pain

An animal-cruelty case in New Zealand has taken a wacky twist, as the accused is denying he did anything wrong. On the one hand – fur seals are protected under the Marine Mammals Protection Act. And then there’s the nation’s Animal Welfare Act, where suffering is the key issue. The accused is charged with “ill-treating” […]

Wacky Mentality Award: Judge G. Todd Baugh

It’s a bit off the beaten path for this blog, but I have to award a Wacky Mentality Award to Montana Judge G. Todd Baugh. He is the judge who sentenced a rapist to 30 days in prison for an act perpetrated against a 14-year-old girl. Baugh’s initial statement suggested the girl had as much […]

Wacky Mentality in greyhound racing

The greyhound racing industry is one of the leaders in examples of Wacky Mentality. We have a new entry today in the series, this time out of Ireland. The Independent.ie reported Wednesday on its website about an injured greyhound with a broken leg. One individual was quoted as saying: “He probably could come back, but […]

Wacky Mentality: Group decides “aerial culling” is humane

This story comes out of Australia, where the Central Land Council supports the killing of wild horses from helicopters, in the Northern Territory. ABC News reports 3,500 horses were shot and killed through this brutal method over five days back in May. The council claims a study was performed, with a finding that the average time […]

Another wild statement made concerning another animal-cruelty case

I’m forced to bring back the Wacky Mentality Award. It’s bad enough to read news stories about animal-cruelty cases. But when people in positions of responsibility act in ways that let criminals off the hook, it’s just too much to comprehend. In Washington State, a man was charged with blowing up his daughters dog, because […]

Finding the Abominable Snowman before the end of the world

I found an article on a local website last night, noting a few … well … people I guess … were stocking up supplies for the end of the world, coming up in Wacko Land on Friday. If the world is going to come to an end, why stock up? You won’t be here. Unless […]

Supporters of pet store puppy sales call the rest of us “anti-pets”

We have a double-winner this week. The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) gets both a Wacky Mentality Award and a Pack of Putrid Punditry Award for calling the movement to end the sale of puppy mill puppies – an “anti-pet movement.” The reference is actually to the banning of the sale of puppies in […]

Four troubling animal cruelty stories in one Pack News Wire report

Four news accounts of animal cruelty crossed the Pack News Wire this morning. The first thoughts that came to mind are two of our regular awards – the Wacky Mentality Award and the Haley Barbour Soft-on-Crime Award. Man charged with dragging puppy: A Chicago man has been charged with dragging a puppy down the sidewalk, […]

New Series: Wacky Mentality

When I find stories that are over-the-top crazy – or wacky – they will henceforth fall into the new series category – Wacky Mentality. Today, we have a story of man out to shoot a raccoon trapped inside a cage. Divine intervention stepped in to protect the innocent animal. Opposing Views reports his first shot ricocheted […]