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PackCheck.What? – What we don’t know about seismic testing?

The Pack Mentality version of those fact-checking sites will offer a different, sometimes animal-related take on the wacky things people come up with – from politics to animal welfare to the environment other subjects. First up is an article out of North Carolina, where a meeting of local officials and citizens was held recently to […]

Sea Shepherd celebrates court finding that Japan is illegally whaling

Sea Shepherd sent out the following press release today, in response to the report that the International Court of Justice has ruled Japan’s whaling operation is illegal. Of course, not only is it illegal, it is also immoral. The Independent ran a news story today concerning the ruling and the finding that Japan’s whaling is […]

Sea Shepherd: More whales horribly slaughtered within sanctuary

Sea Shepherd has some sad news to report this morning. The full media release follows: “” “” MORE WHALES SLAUGHTERED IN WHALE SANCTUARY Sunday March 2, 2014 – Melbourne, Australia — Today, at approximately 10:05 AEDT, Sea Shepherd located the factory vessel of the Japanese whaling fleet, the Nisshin Maru, at 74°23’ S, 178°55’ W […]

Whaling update from Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Australia reports a Japanese whaling ship is nearing the Australian Whale Sanctuary. The press release: “” “” JAPANESE HARPOON SHIP CLOSING IN ON AUSTRALIAN WHALE SANCTUARY Thursday January 9, 2014 – Melbourne, Australia — The Yushin Maru No. 3, one of three harpoon ships of the Japanese whaling fleet, is currently approaching the […]

Sea Shepherd update: Japanese whalers driven out of Antarctic Treaty Zone

Sea Shepherd press release: “” “” SEA SHEPHERD DRIVES WHALING FLEET INTO DISARRAY AND OUT OF THE ANTARCTIC TREATY ZONE Tuesday January 7, 2014 – Melbourne, Australia — Yesterday, at 1650 AEDT, after a 360-mile chase, The Sea Shepherd Fleet drove the Japanese whaling fleet’s factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, out of the Antarctic Treaty […]

Sea Shepherd: Whalers killing whales inside sanctuary

Sea Shepherd Australia reports the Japanese whaling fleet is killing whales within the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. From the organization’s press release from this afternoon: “” “” SEA SHEPHERD LOCATES WHALE POACHERS: CONFIRMS WHALES HAVE BEEN KILLED INSIDE WHALE SANCTUARY Monday January 6, 2014 – Melbourne, Australia — The Sea Shepherd Fleet has located all […]

Release: Sea Shepherd back to work

From Sea Shepherd Australia: “” “” Sea Shepherd Fleet departs for Tenth Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign: Operation Relentless Dec. 18, 2013 – Australia — This morning friends, family and supporters gathered at Sea Shepherd Australia’s Operations Base in Williamstown, and at Elizabeth Street Pier in Hobart to bid a fond farewell to crews of The […]

Sea Shepherd fleet returns to Australia after another season of saving whales

The full Sea Shepherd press release: “” “” Victorious return for Sea Shepherd fleet Mar. 20, 2013 – Melbourne, Australia: Sea Shepherd Australia is proud to welcome home the 110 strong international crew and three ships, the Steve Irwin, Sam Simon and Bob Barker. They have arrived into Williamstown this morning after a historic campaign […]

Great News – IFAW says whaling industry is “dead in the water”

A report has been published today by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), that reportedly will show the Japanese whaling industry is in a steep decline. I hope this is correct, in a big way. And it seems the industry cannon survive without big taxpayer subsidies. Why the Japanese taxpayers would want their money […]

Pod of sperm whales adopt a deformed bottlenose dolphin

A scientist witnessed and photographed a fantastic occurrence back in 2011, one reported on the MailOnline.com website out of the UK. Over a period of several days, a pod of sperm whales adopted a deformed bottlenose dolphin. The dolphin and the whales rubbed against each other and exchanged acts of affection. The scientists believe the […]