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Michelle Duggar fails on understanding population boom

Human population growth is clearly taxing the planet. We are seeing rampant deforestation and habitat loss and a huge strain on resources in many areas of the Earth. And many species of wildlife are being wiped off the face of the Earth, a trend that can indeed be traced to human activity and greed. But […]

New USFWS protections for loggerhead nesting sites was a response to lawsuit filed by conservation groups

I received an email today through Oceana, in response to my earlier post concerning the US Fish and Wildlife’s move to protect loggerhead sea turtle nesting site along the Atlantic and Gulf coast regions. The attached release reports the USFWS move comes after a lawsuit was filed earlier this year – by the Center for […]

US Fish and Wildlife Service set to ID vital nesting areas for loggerhead sea turtles

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is in the process of identifying vital nesting sites for loggerhead sea turtles. The full press release: “” “” Service Identifies Coastal Beach Habitat Important for Recovery of Northwest Atlantic Population of Loggerhead Sea Turtles The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has begun the process of identifying coastal […]

Too many reptile species are in danger of becoming extinct

Nearly 20 percent of all reptile species are in danger of becoming extinct. Habitat loss and people killing them are two of the key areas of concern. A recent study uncovered these findings. The Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species reports 12 percent of reptiles are classified as critically endangered, 41 […]

Major paper company agrees to halt destruction of natural forests in Indonesia

Asia Pulp & Paper Group, called one of the largest paper producers in the world, has agreed to stop its suppliers from cutting down natural forests in Indonesia, as reported by the Associated Press. This is being hailed as an important step in protecting vital habitat for endangered animals such as orangutans and Sumatran tigers. […]

Salazar to step down as Secretary of Interior

I just received a press release from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, concerning the resignation of Ken Salazar, as the Secretary of the US Interior Department. I was not a supporter of Salazar for this position and over his term, I felt he leaned far too much on the side of industry and development. […]

A good decision and a horrible one

Let’s start with a horrible decision by a judge, one based solely on politics and in no way based on logic or laws. And it certainly was not based on compassion or looking to the future. The Associated Press reports a federal judge in Alaska has shut down a plan to designate 187,000 square miles […]

World Wildlife Fund introduces new website

Earlier today, the World Wildlife Fund announced it has revamped its website, which features new page for 90 species and subspecies. You can also look through a list of endangered species. This is an important organization that fights for wildlife and wildlife habitat, at a time when greed – worldwide – is a huge problem. […]

Pack Topic: Saving tortoises; South Korea to resume whaling

South Korea fibs about its reasons to resume whaling: Under the false cover of so-called scientific research, South Korea has announced plans to resume whaling. And oh by the way, representatives are talking about how much some people in the country love whale meat. The Wall Street Journal story notes the “South Korean government cited […]

Pack Topics: Egg bill amendment rejected; cougars making a comeback

The US Senate rejected this week a contentious Farm Bill amendment that would have doubled the space in cages for egg-laying hens on factory farms. The Humane Farming Association (HFA) and another animal-welfare organizations have been speaking out against the amendment, suggesting it would have overturned California’s Prop. 2, while ensuring hens remained caged – […]